A Birthday Wish for Canada

Three Ways to Celebrate Canadian Farmers

Get The Gear

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This summer #MakeItCanola. Get your greens on with a delicious salad, get grilling those veggies, baking those muffins and enjoying all the beautiful food Canada has to offer. If your meal includes canola oil, snap a pic and share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win a bi-weekly Canola Eat Well prize pack that includes a $100 grocery gift card.

Make Your Birthday Wish for Canada

It’s Canada’s birthday and we want to know your wish to the country. Video it, type it, snap a picture, share your birthday wish on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; Tag @CanolaEatWell and use the hashtag #MakeItCanola. See our Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post for bonus entries! We will be drawing for a monthly (July & August) Canola Eat Well grand prize that includes a $400 grocery gift card. Double your chances if you are sporting your new I Heart Canola or I Heart Farmers shirt.

Get the birthday wish printable for your photo message: Download here (PDF)!

Eat Well…Jenn

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35 thoughts on “A Birthday Wish for Canada

  1. My birthday wish for Canada is to continue to be the happy wonderful country that we are!! Yay Canada! #canada150

  2. My birthday wish for all Canadians is that they have happily full tummies full of healthy fresh quality food from local farmers and businesses! Support local. Celebrate Canada! #Canada150 @CanolaEatWell #MakeItCanola Be happy!

  3. My Canada 150 birthday wish is for Canada to continue to prosper and invest into Canadian grown crops and foods 🙂

  4. My birthday wish for #Canada150 is to just keep being fabulous! being multicultural, diverse, respecting and accepting of one another

  5. My birthday wish for Canada is for everyone to get along and stop with all the fighting and protesting #Canada150 #MakeItCanola

  6. My birthday wish for Canada is to become leaders in taking care of the environment. We have such beauty to preserve!

  7. My birthday wish for Canada is continued peace, freedom, health care, education, natural resources and good food~!

  8. My birthday wish for Canada is for everyone to have access to affordable nutritious food and to eliminate the need for food banks.

  9. My birthday wish for Canada is to stay a country that is liked by other countries. To always be free and ready to help those in need.

  10. My 150 Canada Birthday wish is for our country to continue being such an open-minded, free spirited place of diverse and community-oriented people who help one another in need.

  11. Birthday Wish for CANADA is that it grows another 150 years strong, continues to be a world leader, open minded and a great place to live

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