Bake with Love

Share your love with baking

This month, get in your kitchen and bake your love into delicious treats to share. Update the traditional pie with a free-form galette, bake a cake with a splash of coffee or go savoury with popovers and basil bread.

Make a pie…or maybe a galette

Impress your loved ones with a rustic apple galette. The free-form style of a galette is very forgiving and incredibly easy to make for the pastry newbie or seasoned baker. The flaky pastry in this video is made using frozen canola oil!

Bake a Cake

Chocolate Cake |

You can’t go wrong with a traditional chocolate cake. This simple chocolate cake uses traditional ingredients such as cocoa powder and buttermilk but the addition of brewed coffee makes this chocolate cake super rich.

Savoury Sensations

Quick Basil Bread |

If your taste buds lean more towards the savoury side of treats why not make a batch of Sun-dried Tomato & Cheddar Popovers or a Quick Basil bread.

Eat Well…Jenn

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