Camping, Cast Iron and Canola Oil

Camping with Cast Iron

Camping has always been a staple summer activity in my life.   Over the years I have camped out in everything from a canvas tent to a fully equipped 30-foot camper.  Even though sleeping quarters have changed one thing has always remained the same; my love for eating food cooked on the campfire.

When I pack the camper for a weekend get-away or I am planning for a big canoe trip my cast iron pie irons are always on my list!  They are perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks!

Cast Iron, Camping and Canola Oil |

Our family favorite recipes:

Pizza Pies – Roll out your Pizza Dough and shape to the size of the iron, fill with your favorite pizza toppings and top with another piece of pizza dough.    Spray the pie iron with canola oil and put your pizza in.

Steak Tips – Cut your steak into bite sized pieces, add the Spice it Up Rub.  I also like to add whole garlic cloves into the iron and quartered mushrooms.

Fruit Pies –  Take two pieces of Lemon Raspberry Quick Bread and spread with margarine then add your favorite berries or pie filling in the middle put them in the pie iron and put them on the fire.

We prefer to use pie irons that are cast iron.  They offer nice even heating and stand up to years and years of use.  The key to any cast iron cooking surface is to properly season it.  Seasoning is a simple process that will eventually give the cast iron a non-stick finish, help prevent rust and makes it next to indestructible.

Cast Iron Seasoning 101:

  • New cast iron cookware is coated with a thin layer of paraffin wax to prevent  rusting.  To remove it scour thoroughly with soap and hot water.  Dry completely and begin seasoning immediately.
  • Season by coating both inside and out, with canola oil.
  • Heat over a grill or campfire at a moderate temperature for 15 minutes.
  • Wipe out inside with a paper towel, recoat and heat again.
  • After heating the second time, let the cast iron cool; recoat with canola oil one more time.

Cleaning and Storage Tips:

  • Clean with hot water and a sponge.  Use soap sparingly as it will remove some of the pre-seasoning
  • Cast iron will become darker with repeated use, which shows it has become well seasoned.
  • Be sure to dry completely after washing, apply a light coat of canola oil to the cast iron before storage.
  • Placing a piece of paper towel between the castings will help keep out moisture.

Be Well…Leanne

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