Curling: A Draw to the Button AGAIN!

Not one but two extra ends

When the final game in a curling bonspiel comes down to a measure or goes into not one, but TWO extra ends you know you are watching the best of the best.  Well, that is just want happened in the finals of the Canola Junior Mens Curling Championships held at the Brandon Curling Club January 2-7, 2013.

The fans could not have asked for a more entertaining final than what we watched unfold on the ice.  Coaches were intently watching their teams, parents were pacing and fans were holding their breath with every shot.

The Junior Men’s finals saw the rink skipped by Daniel Birchard faceoff against the rink of Matt Dunstone.  The game jumped back and fourth with game changing shots made by both sides.  As the Junior Women’s final game came to a close two sheets over the Junior Men were also coming home in the 10th end.

The fans had just witnessed a draw to the button made by Shannon Birchard that had to be measured for the win on the Women’s side.  The excitement from that shot could be felt throughout the clubroom.   So when Daniel Birchard stole one point in the 10th end to tie the game I thought fans were going to explode with excitement overload.

Little did I know that the 11th end would then be blanked and the teams would play the rocks back in a second extra end.  Matt Dunstone had the hammer and he faced a well-covered Birchard stone in the four-foot.  Similar to the Women’s game, it came down to a draw to the button.  The crowd fell silent…

Canola Junior Men’s Curling Champs

I have never seen curlers sweep as hard as Matt Dunstone’s front end did to get his rock in for the win!  Matt Dunstone’s rink consists of Colton Lott (third) Daniel Grant (second) Brendan MacCuish (lead) and Scott Grant (coach). They will proudly represent Manitoba in Fort McMurray at the Canadian Championships.  Congratulations!

Canola Junior Curling Championships - Team Dunstone

We heard from many of you when we asked about your curling passion.  Thank you for sharing your love of the game with us.  We would like to share our love of curling back with you.

Win passess to Safeway Championships

We have four VIP passes and four Full Event passes to the upcoming Safeway Championships in Neepawa February 6-10, 2013 to give away.  All you have to do is leave a comment below.  Share how you like to watch curling; live, on TV, do you have a favorite clubroom to visit or do you prefer to participate?

  • Passess will be given away as sets of two.  That’s four draws for two tickets each (two sets of VIP passess and two sets of Full Event passes).
  • Contest closes Sunday, January 27, 2013.  Winners will be notified via email and listed in the comment section below.  CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED

Live Well… Leanne

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13 thoughts on “Curling: A Draw to the Button AGAIN!

  1. Curling is best experienced with others. I have watched and played a good number of games in Cardale, MB. Small town bonsipels make Manitoba winters much more interesting.

  2. Great to see Manitoba Canola growers support with the Provincial curling. We enjoy watching these events and with the Safeway Select being in Neepawa it would be easier to go watch it live.

  3. Huge curling fan right here!!! Would love to get the chance to go watch some great competitive curling and cheer on some of our local talent! Thank you Manitoba Canola Growers for the opportunity to win free passes!

  4. Hello Manitoba Canola Growers, just rechecked our canola bins everything safe and sound should have the opportunity to take some time to watch the best curling in Manitoba right here in Neepawa! (Thanks to you) Would be greatful to be entered in the draw.

    1. It will be cold these days out checking bins! Even farmers deserve a break every once and a while. Nothing better than watching provincial curling right in your backyard!! Good luck!

  5. Love everything about curling…and farming! As curling fans and canola growers it was great to see your presence in Brandon! It was obvious that you care about keeping the sport alive! Those junior curlers now really know who you are.
    Getting passes to Neepawa would be fantastic..especially knowing so many of the competitors this year! Thanks for the chance!

  6. I like to watch curling on TV in my living room. Looks like a fun contest. Thanks for putting my name in the draw.

  7. I have been an avid curler and supporter for over 40 years. It is wonderful to have Canola as a sponsor for our junior curlers who will be the future of our sport. Although I have quit competing provincially, I did so for most of those 40 years and the game was good to me.

    Best of luck to Shannon Birchard and Matt Dunstone at the Canadian Championships!

  8. Always enjoy watching curling live or on tv. Haven’t had a chance to throw rocks at the Ste. Rose curling club this year.

  9. I love the sport of curling! At a young age I would always go to the rink to watch my parents curl, then I started junior curling. I have been to high school provincials and Junior Women’s Provincials as well! I love watching curling whether it is supporting locals curlers or watching the professionals on TSN. Winning tickets to Neepawa would be an awesome experience. Thanks for the chance to win:)

  10. Curling has always been a highlight of the winter for me. There is nothing better than returning from a Caribbean holiday to curl in the Provincials. I really enjoy watching the pros play in all of their events. We need to keep supporting curling at the club level to make sure the youger people participate.

  11. I was never a great curler but always loved the spirit and friendship on the ice. Now I love to watch the game on TV and cheer my favourite teams to the finals! Thanks for the chance to win tickets!

  12. Congratulations to Betty, Kelly, Jenna and Laurel on winning passes to the Safeway Championships! I hope you enjoy some great curling!

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