Curling: A Draw to the Button

Extra ends, final rock & it’s a measure!

Canola Junior Curling Championships - Terry Ursel photo creditWhen the final game in a curling bonspiel comes down to a measure or goes into not one, but TWO extra ends you know you are watching the best of the best.  Well, that is just want happened in the finals of the Canola Junior Curling Championships held at the Brandon Curling Club January 2-7, 2013.

The fans could not have asked for a more entertaining final than what we watched unfold on the ice.  Coaches were intently watching their teams, parents were pacing and fans were holding their breath with every shot.

The Junior Women’s finals saw the rink skipped by Selena Kaatz faceoff against the rink of Shannon Birchard.  The game kept fans sitting on the edge of their seats.  There were some big shots made keeping it tight the whole way through.  So, it was only fitting that it would come down to a tie game, last rock, facing the opponents rock sitting on the edge of the button, and all kinds of guards to navigate through.

Shannon Birchard had last rock and made a beautiful draw around the guards and to the four foot.  You could have heard a pin drop as the rock came to a stop.  Everyone froze in anticipation. The rocks were to close to call by eye and the official was called for a measure.  Can it get more exciting than that?

Canola Junior Women’s Curling Champs

In the end Shannon Birchards final rock was placed a hair closer for the win!  Her rink consisting of Nicole Sigvaldason (third) Sheyna Andries (second) Mariah Mondor (lead) and Bruce Birchard (coach) will proudly represent Manitoba in Fort McMurray at the Canadian Championships. Congratulations!

Canola Jurnior Women Curling Champs 2013

Curling – It’s a Passion

We heard from many of you when we asked about your curling passion. Thank you for sharing your love of the game with us.  We would like to share our love of curling back with you.

Win passes to the Scotties in Stonewall!

Scotties Tournament of Hearts - Stonewall 2013We have four VIP passes and four Full Event passes to the upcoming Scott Tournament of Hearts in Stonewall January 23-27th to give away.  All you have to do is leave a comment below.  Share how you like to watch curling; live, on TV, do you have a favorite clubroom to visit or do you prefer to participate?

  • Passess will be given away as sets of two.  That’s four draws for two tickets each (two sets of VIP passess and two sets of Full Event passes).
  • Contest closes Sunday, January 20, 2013.  Winners will be notified via email and listed in the comment section below.  CONTEST IS CLOSED

Live Well… Leanne

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12 thoughts on “Curling: A Draw to the Button

  1. Thanks for the chance to win tickets to the Scotties Tournament. Curling is such a great Manitoba tradition. I especially LOVE the thrill of cheering for our Manitoba curlers, holding my breath as they attempt shots that seem impossible but magically come true. It really is a perfect match to have the Manitoba Canola Growers support and promote Curling! Thank you Manitoba Canola Growers!

  2. I love to watch curling live or on television – who says curling is not exciting!! My favorite club to spend time in is the Petersfield Curling Club, which is celebrating 75 years of great curling in 2013!!

  3. I fill our PVR with curling whenever it is on TV. But watching live is a blast. I am a rec curler and love to see how the pros decide on their shots. Go Manitoba and MCGA!

  4. Wouldn’t that be exciting to go to the Scotties! Thanks Manitoba Canola Growers. I love going down to the local rink and watching all the local talent. I also enjoy watching the ‘big timers” make these seemingly impossible shots!

  5. I agree with you Crystal and Nita I don’t know how the ‘big timers’ make some of the shots they do. They don’t ever seem to work the same for me on Tuesday night ladies league

  6. I love curling and watching curling (especially the competitive teams) in live and on TV. I used to curl competitive and it was so invigorating to curl against some of which are top teams in Manitoba. It is a very exciting game to play and watch. I curl for fun now and still love it and still try some of those shots the big competitors try and get lucky the odd time – that is always so exciting!!! I am so proud that Canola Growers is supporting curling as it is truly a community sport! Way to go MCGA and go Manitoba curlers!

  7. Having curled for over 40 years now, both semi competively and non competively, I still love the game and the changes over the years. Curling is a huge part of rural Manitoba in the winter, and the social aspect is what makes this sport so unique! I’m thrilled that MCGA has become more involved in sponsoring this fantastic sport, and hopefully more young people will get involved.

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