What We’re Lovin’ for January

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Our Best to You!

In continuation with our January theme, here are our best Lovin items from 2016! Here is our best to you!

What Ellen’s Lovin

Harvest Camp

It’s the best time of the year.  It’s a time to celebrate the bounty of the harvest and it’s the time to reconnect to our community.  I love #CanolaConnect Harvest Camp because it celebrates our farmers and brings 10 amazing Canadians to them each year.  It changes my life each year and I am grateful to share this once in a life time experience with so many people.

What Jenn’s Lovin

Pizza Night

After spending the month of October on all things pizza including a hands-on pizza dough master class with Chef Mary Jane Feeke my pizza game has completely improved. If you don’t yet make your own dough, this is the video for you!

The two best tips to up your game: disolve you yeast in the water before you add it to the flour mixture and be sure to oil your dough before you put on the sauce to avoid that soggy layer.

What Simone’s Lovin

Ocean Sustainability

Chef Ned Bell cycled across Canada to increase awareness of our responsibility in sustaining Canada’s oceans.  Chef Ned is set to release his cookbook in fall of 2017 and is one to watch when it comes to making sustainable seafood choices.

What Raeanne’s Lovin

Movie Nights

Nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with an old flick and a fantastic bowl of popcorn. Here’s my favourite make-at-home popcorn recipe: Lime and Chili Pepper Popcorn.

Eat Well…Ellen, Jenn, Simone & Raeanne

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