What We’re Lovin for May

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What Ellen’s Lovin’

Unique hand crafted baskets are the best gifts to give and receive!  I’m blessed to have two unique baskets in my home.  One I got as a gift from a dear friend as part of a celebration and the other my daughter bought at Poor Michaels to keep her crafts organized.   Check them out here The Baba Tree Basket Company and get one for you and give one as a gift! It’s like a piece of art for your home that stores things beautifully.

What Raeanne’s Lovin’

Exploring Grocery Stores

I love grocery stores and the international aisle is my favourite place to explore!  I like to see how differently things are packaged compared to what I grew up with and enjoy seeing the variety of prepared foods.  I find snack foods especially interesting and it’s fun to check out what’s offered for those with a sweet tooth (like me)!

When I’m in another country, visiting a grocery store is at the top of my list!  My most recent out-of-country grocery store adventure was in Mexico, where I just couldn’t resist snapping this pic with some bottles of canola oil!

What Jenn’s Lovin’

Science Rendezvous – May 13, 2017

A coast to coast festival that takes science out of the lab and onto the street!

Last year, with four boys nine and under, we spent time in biology labs, launched a rocket, saw fossils, made paper and oh so much more. But you don’t need a kid to go – you can be the student!

Many of Canada’s top research institutes bust open their doors to celebrate science with you! It’s FREE for everyone. With over 300 events across 30 cities and 1000’s of mind-blowing activities, Science Rendezvous is Canada’s largest celebration of the amazing feats of science and engineering happening right here at home.

What Simone’s Lovin’

Students…Dietetic, Human Ecology, Co-op, and/or Agriculture. For years, AB Canola has hired a couple of students to assist with its summer activities. On other occasions, students have completed their practicums or their internships with us. But each one has contributed significantly to the industry’s success. Hugs to all of them…Interested? Know someone who would love this experience? Connect:  simone@albertacanola.com

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