What We’re Lovin’ for November!

What We're Lovin' in November What Ellen’s Lovin’:
Tweet Cleaner – Susie Parker shared with me at a workshop Tweet Cleaner and I thought, wow, this is so cool.  Tweet Cleaner helps you clean up your twitter account.  It’s a great tool and its free!

Here’s what Twit Cleaner does:
Analyses the people you follow
Finds time wasters, spammers, bots, the boring etc
Creates a detailed report
Helps you clear up the ‘background noise’
Helps you improve your own Twitter presence
Helps you focus your time & energy

Music of the Spheres Chimes – Yes, I have been thinking about Christmas.  I want to share one of the best presents that I have received.  It’s a chime, but not any chime, The company is called the Music of the Spheres, Inc.  They are located in Texas but will ship to anywhere.  The chimes play the most beautiful music.  On their website you can listen to all the different chimes.  They call themselves the Stradivarius of Wind chimes and it’s true.  The one that I picked for my yard is the Alto Pentatonic.

Listen to them all, it’s so peaceful!  A great Christmas present for someone who loves to garden and be in the yard all the time.  I have enjoyed my chimes for the last two years.

What Jenn’s Lovin’:
Dates –
On my last trip to the bulk food store I filled up a bag with dates.  My intention was to bring them home and use them in a few recipes that I want to try.  What I’ve ended up doing is eating them all right out of the bag.  Well, not all of them, not yet anyway.  It’s important that you keep your portion size in check when you eat dried fruit.  1/4 cup is all you get!

Benjamin Moore Paint – When it comes to paint this is the brand for me.  When you buy a can of Benjamin Moore paint you get so much more than just the paint – you get service!  My two local retailers (Jim’s Home Improvement and New Era Paint) both keep me on file and can look up every colour I’ve ever purchased and they will mix it up before I arrive at the store so it’s ready to go and I don’t have to wait.  I’ve even had twitter conversations with the fabulous twitter gals behind the handle @Benjamin_Moore while working on projects.  The photo is of my cabin that we painted with a palette of Benjamin Moore colours.  There are so many amazing colours to choose from and I can select away for my next project from my own set of fan decks that I picked up at the She’s Connected Conference last month in TO.  Thanks Benjamin Moore!

What Wendy’s Lovin’:
Apples – Apples are such a fabulous fall fruit. I’ve been seeing lots of food bloggers posting apple recipes and I’ve been experimenting with a few. Apples are so versatile you can make desserts, salads and even main dishes with them. Apple walnut salad and Turkey Meatballs with Braised Apples are two of my favourites. (The Prairie Fruit cookbook has some apple-licious recipes too.) I’m also lovin’ the simplicity of this recipe right now (makes your house smell delicious too):

Apple Chips
You’ll need:
– 2 apples
– cinnamon
-core apples
-slice thinly
-place apples on a parchment lined cookie sheet
-sprinkle with cinnamon
-bake at 275 degrees for one hour. Flip over and bake for another hour,  or until they look crispy, checking them after the first half hour.

Yoga apps – I love yoga and I love smart phone apps that make it easy for me to get to a class or do some yoga on the spot.

Can’t get to a class? The Pocket Yoga Builder allows you to get a practice in whenever you want, wherever you are!  You can create as many routines as you’d like with your favourite poses. With the ability personalize it with a background (ocean, desert or mountains) and music from iTunes, you won’t have an excuse for avoiding yoga ever again. $4.99 available for iPhone and iPad.

MINBODY uses your GPS location to give you  up-to-date  class schedules from nearby studios so you never miss a class. You can look up classes by studio, class type and they’re listed in sequence by time. Most even list the instructor; remember your favourite instructors by clicking on the star.

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