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What Ellen’s Lovin

I heart farmers!

Ellen Pruden and Jay Derkach | www.canolaeatwell.com

How can you not?  They grow our food all around the world.  When you can, seek them out, engage and listen to them and if they are open to it #HugAFarmer.

This month especially since farmers are harvesting their grain and oilseed crops across Canada, here at Canola Eat Well, we are celebrating the bounty of harvest and our farmers!

But I think everyday, three times a day, we need to thank a farmer for what they have produced.

Here is a bit of farmer inspiration for your day!

What Jenn’s Lovin

Art + Food: a Prairie Grid Diner Series

Prairie Grid Dinner Series | www.canolaeatwell.com

We are all creative beings, it’s just how we decide to express our creativity that varies. This fall I’m very excited to attend a first ever smash up of artistic talents that will be visiting four cities (Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon & Winnipeg) in three prairie provinces all in seven days!

This fall, Eat North presents: Prairie Grid Dinner Series, a 5-course prairie inspired meal collaboratively created by a team of chefs from across the region. But that’s not all – local niche food & beverage products have been included, custom made dishware is heading into the kiln and unique prairie branded gear is available to purchase. It’s all-sense prairie immersion experience.

Join me or the dinner in your area by purchasing tickets through Eat North – Hurry, a limited number of seats are available!

Eat Well…Ellen & Jenn

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