10 Things Successful People do Differently: Part 1

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to have ‘it’ together?  Would you like to know their ‘secret’? If you answered yes to either of these questions you are ready to start living successfully.

There really are no secrets to living and working successfully; instead, there are a number of strategies that successful people do deliberately that makes it look as if they know something that you don’t know. You have everything you need to be successful!  Here are 3 of 10 things successful people do differently:

1. Clarity and specificity. A successful person knows how to specify exactly what she wants to achieve. For example, rather than saying “I will get into shape”,  a successful person says it more clearly, she will say “starting tomorrow, I will walk for 30 minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before I go to work”. The science behind the power of thinking shows this kind of clarity and specificity start the process of mindfulness and awareness.  The brain begins to look for opportunities to make this goal a reality.

2.  Before adding, successful people subtract.   This strategy is one where many people fall short. The average person believes that in order to achieve their goals they must add more things to an already full and busy life. This way of thinking creates role overload and consequently giving up before achieving their goals. In order to exercise for 30 minutes, 3-days per week before going to work, a successful person knows she will need to subtract late nights and late night eating from her current lifestyle. She has now added time that would allow her to rise early to exercise.

3.  Run your own race. Successful people have learned through the power of clarity to create goals from within rather than jumping on the bandwagon. They innately know what is right for them and are confident to say a firm, yet polite no thank you to those who think they know what’s best for them.  Successful people know the only way to finish the race is to run their own race.

To highlight the importance of this strategy, I will share a story that I experienced last year at the Super Run- 5KM run in the Manitoba Marathon.

A group of us have been running the 5km for the past several years as a way of celebrating fathers’ day. Last year after the race as is the tradition, we all waited at the end of the finish line for the others. One of our team members took a rather long time in crossing the line.

When she finally did, we asked her what took her so long. Her response, “I was following Karen (another of our team member) and running at her pace, I couldn’t keep up with Karen’s pace and fell behind, as I was so tired it took me way longer to finish the race”  She finished but at a much slower pace than previous years when she ran her own race!

These 3 strategies are available to everyone and I hope you find inspiration in them to start the process of creating your own successes. I will share 3 more strategies with you next month in part 2.

Live Well…Phyllis

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