3 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Year End: A Great Time to Look Ahead!

I love the end of a year as much as I love the start.  You see the end of the year is a great opportunity to look back and reflect on three really important questions we must all ask ourselves.

#1 What do I want to continue doing?

This is a powerful yet simple question that allows us to pause and tabulate all our successes for that year.  It is also a great reminder that we’ve done some things that worked!  This gets us excited to continue forward in the New Year.  This question makes us want more success!

#2 What do I want to stop doing?

Sadly, the natural tendency for most people is to focus on the second question: What do I want to stop doing?  Too many people use this question as a way to beat up on themselves.

This is a good question as it created awareness about the very things you allow to get in your way, that   act as distractions and road blocks.  Another fall out of spending too much time on this question ( you should ask this question, strategize then move on to take action- not dwell on it!) is you will stay stuck!

Being stuck in making goals to stop doing certain things but not acting on making the goals a reality!  This takes us to the third question:

#3 What do I want to start doing?

The third question is the icing on the cake: What do I want to start doing?  This requires setting a clear and achievable action plan. This is where a coach can help you stop practicing limit behaviours and start putting in a place more supportive ones.  If you are a DIY kind of person, you can use your successes to help you map out a new road map for 2014.

As we embark upon 2014 let it be a year filled with great things that you intend to continue doing and start doing!

Wishing you green lights for 2014!

Be well…Phyllis

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