5 Ways to Teach Children about Agriculture

Last month we shared 5 Reasons to Teach Children about Agriculture and now we’d like to share how!

1. Visit a Farm

Pat and Paul Orsak

The children that visit the Canola Learning Centre are often surprised to learn that not every farm, Kelburn Farm where the CLC is located included, has farm animals.  There are many different kinds of farms and farmers, and children are interested in learning about these differences. Don’t know where to start? Check out details about Open Farm Day where you can meet a farmer on their farm!

2. Shop at a Farmer’s Market

Blue Moon Saskatoon Jam

There are farmer’s markets and roadside vegetable/fruit stands popping up everywhere. Buying your food at one of these markets gives you a chance to talk with the farmers and workers who grow and harvest the food. Developing that relationship between producers and consumers not only makes you appreciate your food more and the work and care that is put into growing it, but you are also minimizing on the number of steps your food travels from farm to plate.

3. Attend a Fair

My family used to show cattle yearly at fall fairs. We frequently attended Manitoba Livestock Expo in Brandon and Agribition in Regina. These big fairs have countless exhibits, shows, food vendors, equipment displays, and stalls. Many people stopped by our stall to talk and ask questions about our animals and it was always a treat to walk around and see the other exhibits. What makes a pumpkin a prize pumpkin? What makes a heifer a prize heifer? (Or, what is a heifer?) These are great questions to ask the fall fair farmers!

4. Grow Something Edible

Fresh Herbs - Dill, Parsley, Cilantro, Basil, Rosemary

No matter the size of your yard, you have room to grow something you can eat! Gardening does not always have to be expensive. I recommend growing your own herbs such as parsley, basil, mint, oregano, and thyme. Herbs can be grown in small pots on your windowsill or patio or in a corner of your garden.

5. Cook Together

Kids celebrate with health and milk

With the fresh food from the farmer’s market and the herbs from your garden, cook with children! Children are great at mixing and measuring, and while you have their attention, talk about where their food came from, how and where it was grown, and enjoy the meal you made together. Order a complimentary kid-friendly cookbook from us today!

Hey, teachers!

Check out these websites for ideas on how to teach your students about agriculture!

Get involved in one of the many programs Ag in the Classroom offers.

Visit the Canola Learning Centre in Manitoba.

Attend Ag in the City.

Pick fruit with a Fruit Share program.

Be Well…Haylan

Guest Blogger Haylan | www.canolarecipes.caHaylan is a coffee drinking, book reading, outdoor adventuring, Canadian History enthusiast who is passionate about the prairie landscape and wooden country grain elevators.  Haylan is currently working for the Manitoba Canola Growers as the Canola Learning Centre Coordinator and is returning to the University of Winnipeg in the fall to complete her Bachelor of Education Degree.







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