Are You a Cabin Guest this Summer?

Get invited back for more!

Many folks will be visiting cabin country this summer.  If you are one of the lucky guests to get an invite here are a few tips to help you get invited back year after year.

1. Be conscious of water use.

Many cabins haul in the water that they use.  This can be expensive and a lot of work.  Ask your host how you can help them conserve water and if they have any “house rules” that you need to follow.

Always ask about drinking water and bring your own water bottle that you can refill as needed.

water in glasses |

2. Close the door and fast.

Bugs, rodents and other pests love an open door and there is nothing worse than going to bed after your guests have departed in a cabin full of mosquitoes and flies.

This rule is also important for all out building and sheds.  Leave nothing ajar!

3. Wipe your feet.

Remove excess sand and/or water from your feet before entering.  Most sandy beach front cabins will have a “dip bucket” or foot washing station on the deck or outside the door to help with this process.  If not, at a minimum wipe your feet on the mat.  Keep the sand outside for playtime.

4. Help with the clean-up.

When you see your host cleaning up, pitch in.  If you are walking up from the dock or the beach, never go empty handed, there is almost always something that needs to go back especially later in the day.

All of those towels, toys, chairs, life jackets, food containers and coolers have a home.  Same rule applies for the indoor clean up.  Wet towels need to be hung out to dry, dishes can be put away, toys and games can be tidied.  If everyone helps things are back in order in no time.

5. What about food?

Always ask what you can bring prior to arriving or suggest to the host what you are willing bring.  Many cabins have limited refrigerator space so be mindful of the extra food you haul along or come prepared to keep it in your cooler.

Top 5 food ideas for the lake!  Sneak peek recipe spoiler – bring Hummus and Veggies.

Hummus |

6. Do I need a gift?

No not really but it’s a sure way to be remembered and make an impression.  Especially if it’s something consumable.

Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Jar made with canola oil |

7. Don’t forget to bring…

-your towel
-sunscreen and bug spray
-a hat
-life jackets that fit your children, especially if boating or water sports will be a part of your visit.
-your fun!

Every host invites you to their place to have fun so be sure to sit back, relax and enjoy the tranquility of the nature around you!

Be Well…Jenn

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