Being Bruce – A Farmer’s Passion

Bruce Dalgarno - FarmerFarming it’s a Passion

Bruce Dalgarno is a farmer, outstanding in his field — his canola field to be more specific. That’s often where you will find the fourth generation farmer.

As well as a farmer, Bruce is committed to his community and actively involved in many organizations such as the Lions club, is a volunteer firefighter for the Newdale Fire Department and served as a leader for 4-H.

His actions, endeavours, and achievements will not be forgotten and we’re sure are far from complete.

Bruce farms with his wife Carol and his son Andrew in Newdale, Manitoba. They operate 3000 acres of cereals, oilseeds, grasses and pedigree seeds.

Bruce has been heavily involved in the canola industry over the past 19 years and has served in many positions at the local and national level.  He has been chair at all three levels — Manitoba Canola Growers, Canadian Canola Growers Association and Canola Council of Canada.

We are fortunate to have had Bruce come into our canola community. We are thankful for all he has done for the industry and specifically for canola growers. He made the canola check-off possible for canola farmers in Manitoba and his legacy will go on for years to come.

Describing our appreciation for Bruce is no easy task — it takes much more than words to explain. To show our admiration for Bruce and to showcase his passion, asked Bruce 5 questions for our latest Be Well feature called “Being You”.

Being Bruce: A Farmer’s Passion

1. Why do you farm?

Bruce: Mainly because of my love for the outdoors. I enjoy the fresh air, growing and harvesting; I like being able to produce food. Agriculture allows me to feel the earth, to smell and watch the crops grow.

Canola plant with soil on the roots

2. How do you engage the younger generation to be involved in Agriculture?

Bruce: By using technology and the fact that the younger generation picks it up pretty quick.  Mobile phones, gps, and yield monitoring systems are some of the technology available to us now and the younger generation is eager to run with it.

Technology is allowing for us to move away from the mundane, tedious work of steering a tractor; there is new technology for seeding, harvesting and spraying that allows young people to get excited about farming. It gives them more time to do other things like study the market and research equipment. It’s very different compared to what I was doing 30 years (he laughs).

ipad in canola field

3. Who do you see as your Partners in Agriculture?

Bruce: First and foremost my family. My wife Carol and children are my share holders and partners in operation.

Past that circle, I consider my suppliers -both input and output- as my partners too. For example, sometimes we have to grow to meet a customer’s specs, so that’s a partnership. Even financial institutions, accountants, and lawyers – if they are a part of input, they are your partners.

Farmers Bruce and Carol Dalgarno

4. Is there a special moment in your farm career that made you proud?

Bruce: Yes – when our family was nominated for the Farm Family of the Year Award in 1998. It was an honour because nominations for this award is determined by peers.

5. What has growing Canola allowed you to do on your farm?

Bruce: Growing canola has allowed me be involved with the Manitoba Canola Growers and that has given me the opportunity to have an economic input.

The more management of canola you have, the better you can grow it. Growing canola allows you to maximize profits by marketing the crop yourself, and honing your skills.

Being involved allows you to look at industry and be on cutting edge of agriculture, a lot of it has been hinged on canola. Applying input and seeding are two examples of advances driven by the canola industry.

At the Canola Learning Centre 15th anniversary celebration.
Bruce speaking with one of the kids on tour at the Canola Learning Centre.







In all his years of service, Bruce has made a significant contribution to the canola industry. He has met many people and touched many lives. If you have had the pleasure of crossing paths with Bruce, we invite you leave a message for him in the form of a reply below. 

Be Well…Wendy & Jenn

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60 thoughts on “Being Bruce – A Farmer’s Passion

  1. Bruce your help though the years has made me a better manager. You asked me to stop and think of better ways of doing my job. When I need to know something about MCGA you always knew the answer. You and Carol are always there when we need a director to help with attending a meeting or some function MCGA was putting on. Bruce you are just one of those people who are always ready to help out in any way they can. Just because you are going off the Board I will still be calling to pick you brain. Thanks for all your help and you will be missed.

  2. Congratulations to Bruce for 30 years of dedicated service to the Canola industry and agriculture in general. I enjoyed working with him on the Canola Council Board of Directors
    for many years in the 80-90’s. He carried the producers banner high and his opinions always respected. His contributions have helped the Canola Industry to where it stands today. A “Cinderella” crop for sure but it was through people like Bruce dedicated to improvement and progress
    that the Industry has prospered. I cannot imagine Bruce retiring; so to him & Carol want to wish them continued success in the years ahead.

  3. Bruce you earned my respect over the years because you could always see the bigger picture for canola beyond your own farm. You saw early on that canola could be more than just a niche crop, and you worked tirelessly with the MCGA to make canola the success story that it has become. Above all you were a true gentlemen through lean times and good times in the canola industry. Best wisehs to you and Carol.

  4. Bruce, thank-you for your 19 years of committment to the canola industry through MCGA. You have been involved in a lot of positive changes in the industry.

    You will find there is still life after canola. Enjoy.


  5. Bruce, what a pleasure it was to work with you on the MCGA board for so many years. You and Carol have been very active over the years in many pursuits. The old Canola Council of Canada conventions were the best of times visiting with so many people in the indusry. You represented us canola growers very well at these events and we should all be proud to have had you representing us. Bonnie and I wish you and Carol the best of luck in your future endeavors, as I imagine you folks will be as active as we have been since our retirment from MCGA.

  6. Bruce, you are one of a kind. You are passionate,caring and tough. You ask great questions. You are always willing to help out, offer great suggestions and always ask is this the right thing to do and can we do it better. Thank you mentoring me. You have made such an positive impact on so many people.

  7. Congratulations Bruce on completing two decades of successful service to the Board of MCGA. As a canola business leader you have achieved the ultimate reward for your long service and dedication – – – the recognition and admiration of your peers. You should take great pride in this hallmark. Your contribution has been fundamental to the steady and profound growth that canola production, processing and export has enjoyed. On behalf of the members of COPA (ADM, Bunge, Cargill, LDM, Richardson, Viterra), best wishes to you and your family for many prosperous and healthy years in your future endeavours.

  8. Here is a comment that arrived via email:

    His heart and sole was in the job to advance the game of canola for growers. I’ll be in Mexico on your date so “mucho gracious amigo”.
    -Jim Caughlin formerly with SCDC

  9. I don’t think I’ve met an individual who was more dedicated to the canola industry or more thoughtful about the policies and strategic direction that was needed to ensure the canola industry’s continued growth. Thank you for the strength of your convictions and your leadership.

  10. It was a pleasure to work with you Bruce. I loved our little chats when you were in the Winnipeg office. Take Care

  11. Bruce, I cannot imagine a CCC convention when you are not there – smiling… And I can’t think of the Royal Winter Fair and the Calgary Stampede without your commitment to being there, because you believed that producers had a role to play in talking to consumers… And when everyone else was committed or busy, it will be difficult for one of us to simply not rely on you to ‘step up’ for one project or another. May this new phase of your life be as rewarding to those with whom you share your energy, convictions and commitment as the last 19 have been to the canola industry.

  12. Another note that came via email all the way from Japan!

    Please convey my best regard to Mr. Dalgano and I really appreciate him cooperating with us for so long.

    Best regards

    Y Komura, JOPA

  13. Bruce, it has been such a pleasure to work with you on so many different initaitives to help MB’s youth understand and connect with agriculture. From the get go, you and Carol have been undying supporters of Agriculture in the Classroom and have always being willing to lend a hand and to give a face and voice to this industry. Being in the same community as you both, I certainly know the respect you receive as an innovative and progressive farm family, but having the opportiunity to work alongside you at ag awareness and education events, I have also been able to see your very real love and passion for agriculture. I will miss you on MCGA but I know you are just “down the road” and will continue to be there for me and AITC! Wishing you and Carol all the best that you so deserve!

  14. Bruce congratulations for two decades of service to the canola industry and thankyou for your leadership to industry in Manitoba and Canada. I along with many others enjoyed your relaxed style and great sense of humor. The canola industry has grown and prospered over the past 20 years and you in no small way were a significant part of that growth. All the best.

  15. Congratulations Bruce on a very successful 19 years as an inspirational leader in the canola industry. Your passion and love for agriculture is contagious. I feel truly blessed to have worked with you. I have learned a lot over the past 8 years and I thank you for being so open to answering my questions, and brainstorm with me. You truly have helped me be better at the job I do at MCGA. All the best to you and Carol! Be sure to stay in touch!

    1. Bruce, just dropping a quick note to say congrats on your 30 years of service, wow that’s an awesome job!!!
      I remember when I first met you at a MCGA board meeting, it was very clean to me early on that you were a true leader at that table. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and inspiring others to follow you. You’ve made a big difference in peoples lives and to the canola industry. All the best to you and your family, Rob Park

  16. Bruce congratulations on your committment to the canola industry for your many successful years.
    You are a true gentleman to this industry with a passion for the business, with an infinite knowledge for farming with new technology and a sound understanding of the customers, for example crushing, refining, and the many end users products.
    I always enjoyed working with you Bruce because of your listening and communication skills.
    Thanks for all your help in the total Canola industry, and the very best to you and your family in the future.

  17. Bruce – you are such an excellent agriculture leader and ambassador! Whether talking to kids and consumers at the Royal Winter Fair, Stampede or Canola Learning Center or visiting with international players in the canola industry or campaigning farmers at the corporate and government table you do it well, with grace and passion. On a more personal note – I always look forward to seeming you. Your smile and enthusiasm made working together fun! Congratulations on 19 years of service – I am sure there will be many more!

  18. Another email:

    Please pass on my good wishes to Bruce and thank him for all he has done for the Canola industry.
    Dave Sefton

  19. Congratulations to you, Bruce and your family for your outstanding support to Manitoba Canola Growers, as well as to agriculture in Manitoba.

    Your support during my time with Agriculture in the Classroom was always fantastic. You and Carol have been wonderful community volunteers and supporters.

    I wish you all the best and thank you for your continued support to agriculture – it is so important in our world.

    Wendy Bulloch

  20. All the best to you Bruce. Congrats on your many years of dedication and service to the canola industry. You are one of a kind!

  21. Bruce, your dedication to the growth and development of the canola industry in Canada is one of the reasons for its success.

    Know that the countless hours you have spent promoting this amazing crop have been appreciated!

    Enjoy the new opportunities that lay ahead- I am sure you will continue to make valuable contributions to any activity you pursue.

  22. Bruce – Very best wishes and a big thank you for your knowledge, enthusiasm and good cheer. You are a stellar volunteer – always early and always doing more! You bring intelligence and wisdom to every stituation I’ve been privileged to share over our many years of association. Looking forward to seeing you and Carol soon – cheers – Diane Wreford

  23. Bruce, congratulations on your many contributions to the canola industry. It has been a real pleasure getting to know you and I thank you for your time and support, and Carol’s too, as part of the Royal Winter Fair team! You taught me about canola farming and I really enjoyed the opportunity and most of all the fun of working with you!
    Take care Bruce… very best wishes,
    Betty Anne

  24. Bruce, thanks for being a great addition to the Royal Winter Fair. You and Carol were always fun to have helping us at the booth and recapping the day over dinner. Best wishes that the passion for agriculture remains and the time to share the with others grows. Have a fun, Catherine Folkersen

  25. Bruce, congratulations and Thank you for 19 years of your dedication and knowledge to the Canola industry. All the best to you and Carol in the future.
    Brett Haslstead SaskCanola

  26. This arrived via email:

    Where did the time go? 19 years is an extraordinary number of years to volunteer. Gordon and I want to express our congratulations on your mutual years of service (it takes a wife too to make it happen!)

    This industry has been a unique example of what cooperation and optimism can produce. We are so proud when we hear Oprah talk to her chef about the health advantanges of his chosen oil, canola: about the tremendous increase in acreage: the continuing research and innovation. As growers it has provided us with an opportunity to be part of successful, high profile and profitable industry.

    It grew out of the efforts of thousands of hours of volunteerism. It is people like you who helped make it happen.

    Best wishes in you “canola” retirement!
    Gordon and Pat Graham

  27. Bruce, congratulations on a long list of achievments from your friends to the East. We enjoyed your visits to bring your enthusiasm for the Canola Business to our growers in Ontario. We were very appreciative for your insights because most of the time your situation in Manitoba was closest to the ” issue of the day ” for us in Ontario.
    Enjoy ” retirement ” !
    Terry Phillips OCGA

  28. Arrived via email today:
    I was a director on the MCGA with Bruce in the 97-2000.
    It is incredible his years of dedication to the canola industry.
    ~Murray Froebe

  29. Bruce, as a fellow farmer serving on the MCGA board with you, I would just like to say thank you for your dedication. You had a strong committment, and that committment was an inspiration to younger directors like myself.
    In an era where farms seem to just get busier, you and Carol spent a lot of time away from your farm to represent the interests of growers and be at the table…when it mattered the most. It is great to see this recognition and praise on this e-card and some of these comments about you not “slowing down” in your future endeavours are probably true– your enthusiam and energy will care on to your next activities!


  30. A note from Bruce and Carol’s very good friend

    “You have served the industry well; Bruce. Congratulations on a job well done!! Garry & Lynne Tolten”

  31. Note arrived via email:
    I have known Bruce since 1997 and always have appreciated what he has done for the canola industry.


  32. Bruce, what everyone has said is true – your commitment, thoughtfulness and dogged determination on behalf of canola growers has been unparallelled. I feel lucky to have worked with and for you. You took the time to connect with me – even after I had moved on to a career outside the canola industry – and that connection will not be forgotten.
    Carol, since the two of you really do come as a package, your willingness to support Bruce’s work for the canola industry should also be recognized – and not just because you bake some of the best cookies in Manitoba!
    My best to you both,

  33. Hey Bruce – we will miss your steadying influence at our grower discussions. I appreciated your dedication to the industry and you were always willing to help whenever asked. After such a long and distinguished term I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

    Tim Wiens

  34. Arrived via email:
    My very best regards to Bruce on his 19 years of service to the MCGA!
    Dr. Peter B.E. McVetty

  35. Congratulations Bruce.
    I marvel at the commitment shown by the people who tirelessly volunteer their time to represent their fellow farmers and the industry. It is often a thankless job and it is very nice indeed to see your efforts recognized in this fashion.

  36. Thankyou Bruce for the years you have represented us as growers on MCGA.You and I made our debut on the board at the same time and I really appreciated your influence and wisdom there. Now that you are changing hats you will find many opportunities and challenges coming your way. By the way this is coming from southern Texas and winter with golf and no snow isn’t all bad

  37. Bruce

    You are a true industry leader. Selfless effort by commited canola growers like yourself have been critical to the succes of the canola industry. Congradulations and thank you for your efforts, passion and commitment

  38. Congratulations Bruce on your years of dedication to the canola industry. We missed you at Canola Camp last year as we know you would have been an excellent mentor. All the best and look forward to staying in touch.

  39. Congratulations and a huge thank you!
    Bruce and Carol you have been a pleasure to work with on many canola events, projects and initiatives.
    You have both been so very committed to this industry, your farm and your family. Be proud!
    Bruce you have been an excellent mentor and friend. I always appreciate your advice and direction.
    Stay in touch and look forward to seeing you soon!
    Be Well…Jenn

  40. Congratulations Bruce on your many accomplishments and years of service for the canola industry.

    I will sure miss your visits to our Winnipeg office!

    All the best to you and Carol always.

  41. Hi Bruce,

    Congratulations on your retirement from the Manitoba Canola Growers and thank you for being such a dedicated and loyal advocate of an industry in Canada that so many of us are proud of because it is a Canadian success story. And you have been a big part of the story. I have great respect for your passion and for your vision to see what needed to be done to grow the industry and to act as a catalyst to ge it done. I have always enjoyed our times together, for your knowledge, your insights and your sense of humour. It has truly been a pleasure knowing you and Carol and for your down to earth approach to life. Thank you my friend. I look forward to the next time our paths cross.

  42. Bruce — congratulations to you and your family. Your years of contribution to the success of canola has been nothing short of remarkable. Your insight, vision and most of all you commitment has helped the industry get to where its today and for this we all thank you.

  43. Bruce and Carol
    Congratulations on your retirement from the MCGA board. I know you will put your spare time to good use continuing to share your knowledge of farming and canola with others. I have always admired your skill of listening to others and sharing your ideas. You knew which ideas to push and which to keep for a later date. I know you have volunteered many hours for our industry, as well as for Newdale, surrounding communities and the province of Manitoba – and for that we are all much better people with a better country.
    It has been a pleasure knowing you and working with you.

  44. Bruce – You shared some very kind words about my passion for the canola industry when I was recognized for 15 years with the Canola Council, and now I appreciate this chance to return the favour. It has been a privilege to get to know you and your family as we have shared many opportunities to promote this canola industry that we both respect so much, from trade shows to field days to Made in Manitoba breakfasts. I have appreciated your support , both personally and on behalf of all the Council’s initiatives, and I have also always valued your willingness to share your concerns and ideas on ways to continue to improve. Thanks for all the time you and your family have invested to help our industry succeed!

  45. For any important initiative to proceed forward, it takes people that truly care and are willing to give of themselves to create success. Congratulations Bruce and Carol on so many years of truly caring. Your participation and leadership has helped an industry that we all know and love succeed. Many wishes of health and happiness in the years to come. See you around.

    Jamie Denbow

  46. Bruce and Carol,

    You both have always been there – for the large canola industry meetings as well as the smaller MCGA Canola Learning Centre sessions for the kids and everything in between. Your passion, dedication and guidance to the industry is legendary and inspirational. Thank you.

    I hope that our paths cross in retirement.

  47. Congratulations to you Bruce, Carol and your family for all the hard work and dedication you all have for the agricultural industry in Manitoba. We first crossed paths at the Red River Ex in 1998 when you were the Farm Family of the Year. This was the start of Canola and MAFRI’s partnership at the Ex and I always appreciated that. Thanks to both of you as well for all the support to any programs we came in contact with and just for being the open and friendly people you have been to me. Enjoy your retirement from the Board although I am sure you will continue to be a great ambassador for the agricultural industry. Take care,

  48. Dear Bruce, Congratulations on your retirement as a director at the MCGA! Although I did not have the pleasure of working with you for the 19 plus years that you have diligently contributed to the Canola cause, I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work and learn from you for the past 3 years and saw first hand all of your passion for Canola. I will forever cherish your complete professionalism, lovely personality and the wisdom and dedication you brought to the MCGA organization. I wish you all the best in whatever you do next and please – do come by to see us whenever you are in town.

  49. Bruce – A big thank you for your vision, leadership and comitment to the canola industry. The grower’s voice is an important one, and you ensured that voice was heard with knowledge, passion, and professionalism. We will miss your contribution in the future, but we benefit from your contributions of the past. Congratulations on a career well done!

  50. It has been so much fun to work with you these last months! Luckily for me you live just down the road so you will be available for consultation whether you like it or not! Your contribution to Canola and Agriculture is impressive.All the best and we will definitely see you around!

  51. Brucew and Carol; it has been a great 19 years. I remember the first time you phoned to ask me to be on the MCGA board. It would not take a lot of time.

    The knowledge and wisdom that you shared with all of us will be your legacy, and our canola industry in fact all of agriculture, have beniftied from your involvement.

    You have become good friends to us and the ag community.
    Thanks to both of you.

    Ernie and Jan Sirski

  52. Bruce I would like to congratulate you on all of your achivements though the years. From my first day meeting you I never would have thought after this many years that we would have formed a freindship that would bring us to now. Best wishes to you and Carol for your future.

    Jonothon Roskos

  53. Hi Bruce,

    Thank you for your contribution to the Canola industry. Your effort and committment are truly appreciated.

    Enjoy your retirement with your family.

    Best Regards,

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