Dedicated to Bone Health: Make it Canola

Shannon Crocker

Registered Dietitian Shannon Crocker has built her entire career and philosophy for healthy eating around living her best life, not just now, but forever. “Taking care of myself now is not just about feeling great now but making sure I’m okay when I’m older. Making sure I can live my best life and get joy out of it. Too often, health content directed at women is about us looking good, not necessarily feeling good. I want to help women look at food in a positive way, as a delicious and satisfying way to nourish themselves, a form of self-care,” explains Shannon.

Shannon’s practical journey for nourishing her body ensures she’s not counting calories or fretting over fibre. A good diet is a synergy of sustenance, you can take calcium supplements or eat four heads of broccoli, but unless you’re balancing it out with vitamin A, D, and K2, your body isn’t absorbing the bone-boosting benefits- you need fat to aid this process along. Shannon suggests cooking more meals at home and not restricting anything, instead of diet culture seeping in, think of what you can add to foods to make your meal more delicious and nutritious. Maybe it’s adding a drizzle of canola oil and some crushed garlic to your sauteed veggies, or savouring a salad made with a tangy homemade dressing, fat is not something to fear, instead embrace it. Not only does fat make food taste better, but it’s better for your body too.

Health has been a hot topic for 2020, and while it has appropriately been dominated by COVID-19 headlines, there’s a myriad of other concerns swirling for Canadians, which, quite frankly, can’t be put off or delayed – pandemic or not. November is Osteoporosis Month, thirty days dedicated to your bone health. While most people would consider this a ‘senior’s disease’, it sadly can affect anyone, at any age. A staggering one in three women will develop this ruthless and debilitating disease for which there is no cure.

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