Breaking Bread – Meet Jasmine Baker

Jasmine Baker is well-known for her effortless entertaining. The culinary creator and recipe crafter from Toronto is regularly called upon to inject her personal flair for flavouring at Canada’s top food events, curating not just a decadent and delicious meal, but also a thoughtful and creative approach to entertaining.

In our interview with Jasmine, she talks about the importance of breaking bread with others and how she loves learning other people’s stories. She joined us for Harvest Camp in the fall of 2019 where she had the opportunity to connect with and even share a few meals with canola farmers in Western Manitoba.


Before meeting canola farmers, Jasmine was already a fan of canola oil in her kitchen. While the visual representation and overall composition are key factors to Jasmine’s online popularity, taste is a component that is definitely never overlooked. From savoury feasts to baked treats, Jasmine relies on the integrity and value of canola oil to achieve culinary greatness.

“Because it’s a neutral flavoured oil, it is so versatile. It’s price friendly, and local, and maintains its nutritional value up to a high heat, so you’re still getting the benefit of the omegas baked right in.”

At a Canola Eat Well event in Toronto, Jasmine was tasked with teaching a room of foodies the ins and outs of baking with canola oil, and led the class in a workshop baking chiffon cakes. Jasmine, with her Italian background, has naturally always been more acquainted with olive oil, but now has an acquired taste for canola oil.  “I always cooked with olive oil, as my first training was in Italian kitchens. But canola is really the best cooking oil. With a higher smoke point you can use it for a rub on something going in the oven, you don’t need to worry about it smoking or discolouring food.”

Like many other Canadians, canola oil checks all the boxes for Jasmine, making it an easy and affordable product for her to rely on for her family, and her extra circular cooking efforts. “I want to do more to support our famers. And canola is our oil. Just as the Italians stand by their olive oil, I stand by canola oil.”

Patriotism aside, supporting local farmers while also supporting your own physical well-being with omega rich oils is just good science. And good math too- choosing canola is affordable for consumers and bolsters our economy.

Eat Well…Libby Roach


Libby is a food editor at and photographer based out of Toronto, ON.

Her creative passion lies in weaving stories into photographs and creating images that are engaging.

Libby attended Canola Harvest Camp in 2018 and you will want to follow her on the gram @cookiespi.


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39 thoughts on “Breaking Bread – Meet Jasmine Baker

  1. Sharing a meal with family & friends is an important way to reconnect & enjoy each others company. Families are so busy today working & raising their families, we sometimes don’t take the time to do just that, sharing a meal.

  2. We have two ‘kids’ still at home and we eat dinner at the table together every night. It is a chance to catch up on the day’s events and provide feedback and support.

  3. It means to me that we are like-minded and friends, that we respect one another and want to make each other feel at home.

  4. We make sure to have dinner together as a family EVERY night. We always have…no phones allowed either. It’s a time for sharing good food and good conversation. I didn’t realize how much it really meant until our international student (from China) moved in 15 months ago! She said her classmates often eat alone and they feel lonely. Also her English is SO much better than theirs now too! It’s one of the most important opportunities for connecting. ❤️

  5. Eating together is a time to build and maintain relationships. Food is important part but not as important as staying connected.

  6. Eating together brings the family together to connect and to discuss what is going on in their lives, or even just the day. We put our phones down, enjoy our meal and conversations.

  7. It actually means a lot. My kids and I don’t do it everyday and I miss it when we don’t. I feel it’s important to gather as a family and just be together, even if we don’t talk to much.

  8. It means spending time together over a meal or even snacks, appreciating each other, conversing, asking each other about the day, teaching and learning from each other, entertaining one another while enjoying the food and drink.

  9. Is there anything more enjoyable than sharing and eating a meal together…I love sharing a meal, and I think it aids in digestion.

  10. Eating together means to me by sharing a family gathering such as Christmas and enjoying a meal altogether.

  11. Eating together means getting a chance to hear each other’s thoughts and getting to understand one another better.

  12. It means to me to eat together without our cell phones, watching tv and have a real dinner without being distracted

  13. Eating together is a chance to share your day with your family, to catch up on things you’re doing, discuss plans, problems, etc. Enjoying food together and sharing the preparation and clean up is also a bonding and learning process for parents and children and a chance to learn manners for when you are guests elsewhere. It is also a chance to learn your likes and dislikes in foods in an environment where you can say you don’t care for something without hurting any feelings.

  14. When we eat together we not only share the meal but our stories, our laughter and look into each other’s eyes.

  15. It means a lot to me when you can enjoy a meal with people I love. It gives us time to bond and enjoy each others; company.

  16. Eating together is a time to re-connect with my five daughters. No matter how hectic life gets, it’s nice to know that most of us will be at the dinner table for this time. (No devices allowed, boyfriends welcome!)

  17. Sharing a meal together means taking the time to share, listen and reflect. Having dinner as a family is the only time in a day that we get to connect and share the ups and downs in one’s day.

  18. Eating Together connects you with your LOVED ONES and it’s in informal way to share your day and things that are IMPORTANT to YOU!! Listening and Hearing the Other PEOPLE Share is as IMPORTANT as SPEAKING!! Everyone gets a turn to speak as you enjoy your Delicious Meal!! Thanks a MILLION for this INCREDIBLE Contest and EXTREMELY Generous PRIZE!! This would be a REAL DREAM to WIN!!

  19. Eating together means fighting social isolation. It’s such a problem nowadays so it’s more important than ever.

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