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After 25 years Great Tastes of Manitoba is a bit of an anomaly in the television world.  The show has been cooking up healthy, delicious food for a quarter of a century.

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Ellen’s Top Great Tastes Moments

1)      Cooking with Edgar, a farmer from Dugald.

2)      Talking about wheat and how wheat is made up of 3 components, endosperm, germ and my mind goes blank.  I couldn’t for the life of me remember it so I stood there looking at the camera, for what felt like an eternity and then basically just carried on with the recipe.  Oh, the answer is bran.  I knew that!

3)      Apparently I want to go on a singing TV show as well.  Or maybe it’s working with Ace.  He makes me sing.  For 2 seasons back to back, Ace and I have sung on the show. 

4)      We tape to live and what that means is we never, ever tape a segment over again.  The first take needs to be the best because for most times it’s the only take.  You really need to live in the moment when you are taping a Great Tastes of Manitoba segment.

5)      I was so nervous on my first appearance on Great Tastes  that my hands shook while I was cutting the vegetables.  I thought for sure you could see it on camera but only my grandma noticed it while she watched the show!

6)      Don Hornby is a patience and kind teaching producer.  He takes the time to meet with everyone to review what works, what could be improved and how little changes can make the segment be so much better.  He has made me be a better cook on TV.

Don Hornby Great Tastes of Manitoba | www.canolaeatwell.com

7)      For every minute on TV, it takes at least 60 minutes of prep, that includes shopping, prepping, cooking, clean- up so for Great tastes it’s days to get ready for the show.

8)      It makes me smile to cook and share my knowledge on TV.  I love it and it has been great to work with so many wonderful people on the crew and production of Great Tastes of Manitoba. Now I can follow along on twitter @ellencanola to talk to viewers who are watching the show.   I also find it rewarding to talk to viewers who call in to my office; again it just makes me smile!

9)      I have learnt so much about the amazing pairings that Al Bowness and now Shelia and Ben match up with all the different recipes that I have created from making pancakes and waffles to soups, salads, stir-fries, cupcakes, cakes and French fries.

Al Great Tastes of Manitoba | www.canolaeatwell.com

10)   This is really one of my favourite moments of my job.  I love being under the bright lights, getting my make-up done, having fun with the crew and sharing my love of cooking and food to all the viewers in Manitoba!

Ellen on set at Great Tastes of Manitoba | www.canolaeatwell.com

A Toast to our viewers! You have made Great Tastes the # 1 cooking show in Manitoba.  It’s truly a locally grown, locally produced and locally enjoyed! The perfect combination.  Here’s to another 25 years!

Watch the 25th Season

Starting September 6 you can watch Great Tastes of Manitoba every Saturday on CTV at 6:30pm. Full a full show listing as well as all of the recipes visit Great Tastes of Manitoba.

Eat Well…Ellen

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