Celebrating Ellen Pruden

Join us in celebrating Ellen Pruden as she opens a new chapter as the Director of Communications for Cereals Canada. Ellen Pruden has been the Director of Canola Eat Well since its inception and has worked for the Manitoba Canola Growers for nearly 25 years.

Thank you Ellen for always leading with passion, creating community and building meaningful connections.

We thank Ellen for all her years of service, leading with passion, creating community and building farm to food connections from coast to coast to coast.

Ellen, your dedication to farmers is admirable and we are grateful for everything you have done to shine a light on Canadian agriculture, canola and canola farmers. We wish you much success and joy in your new role.

Please share in the comments your send-off messages and favourite memories below. If you have personal notes for Ellen, they can be emailed to [email protected]

In celebration and honour of Ellen, please enjoy:

5 things Ellen taught us as a community

  1. When we learn together, we grow together.

Ellen crushing canola

Through many workshops and events, Ellen proved this to be true time and time again! We’ve crushed canola, made delicious food in person and virtually and we learned to listen and grow as a community.

  1. Be curious, ask the questions.

Set an intention to learn and community connections will be made. Ellen always encourages folks to ask their questions and would tell everyone, “That’s a great question!” at the same time ensuring you find the answers you need. It’s never about knowing the answers, rather gaining a new perspective.

  1. The best conversations happen over food.

Need we say more? Food is the ingredient that connects us together and grows a community. Over the years Ellen has gathered humans together around tables, in fields, through TV, in kitchens, on decks, in restaurants, on buses and more. The key ingredient – share food together.

  1. Celebrate!

Celebrate the big things, celebrate the little things and all the things in between. This is a must in Ellen’s world and we have learned to love and embrace the culture of celebration. Plus, who doesn’t love a slice of cake, fun mail packages, a card or charcuterie to share?

  1. Harvest is magical. Farm visits (or visitors) feed the soul.

For her entire career with canola, Ellen has been gathering groups of people to experience the farm. Ellen taught us how to truly live the motto “Learn by Doing”. Never shying away from making the impossible seem possible, from school children to adults alike, Ellen gathered groups on farms and in fields to get curious and ignite the senses. These visits feed the heart and soul of both the farm guest and the farmers. There’s something magical about visiting the farm. Thank you Ellen!

Now it’s your turn! Let’s celebrate Ellen as a community below!

Eat Well…The Canola Team

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3 thoughts on “Celebrating Ellen Pruden

  1. Ellen,
    Thank you for your leadership, dedication and imagination in building a tremendous legacy of connections during your time at MCGA. You set the bar high and encourage others to jump higher! This new chapter will allow you to build on your network, learn new things and capture new opportunities to put your stamp on things. I look forward to what new things you will bring to Cereals Canada and your advocacy work on behalf of farmers and the industry!

  2. Ellen’s tireless efforts to educate people about our farmers and their amazing products is truly inspirational! The way Ellen connects people and brings the conversations about Canadian agriculture to the forefront is a true gift, looking forward to the next chapter.

  3. Congratulations on the new opportunity, Ellen. Thank you for all your work, time, humour, grace, sharing, caring, and creativity. Everything is greatly appreciated. You helped us learn and have fun.

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