Do you Suffer From ‘I Know Syndrome’?

Do your actions support what you say you know? When you say you ‘know’ something does it translate in you actually ‘doing’ it?  Have you caught yourself thinking you know what needs to be done to achieve your goals if only you had more time, money or other resources? Do you criticize others thinking ‘how can you say you know that when your life doesn’t reflect it?!  No way would you behave like that! If either of these questions resonate with you and you see them in your own life, you likely are infected with the ‘I know syndrome’.

A syndrome is described as a group of related or coincident things, events, actions, etc  The ‘I Know Syndrome’ typically starts off with thinking that you know and in many cases with my clients, they do believe they know what they should, could or must do.  Then from there the syndrome usually moves on to them doing things that are the opposite of what they say they know. This brings feelings of frustration and for many of my clients, confusion; because they are seeing results in their lives that are contrary to what they say they know! This syndrome then makes a complete circle as many people struggle to fix the undesired results in their lives without knowing the true cause. Of course, without connecting with the source of the problem the cure can never be found!

The cure for the ‘I know syndrome’ is to sort out the difference between perception and knowledge.  This requires you to dig deeper to sort out the truths from the falsehoods.  Perception is based on interpretation, not on facts according to A Course in Miracles. What you say you know is likely based on your interpretation of what you have heard, read about or seen others do.  Until you actually do that which you say you know, you don’t know!  Knowledge or knowing on the other hand is action, fact, truth and is unalterable and unambiguous. You either do or you don’t! Thinking about something is only part of the process that requires knowledge to take place and to become real- action or doing must take place for knowledge to come full circle – this is when you know.

Some strategies to cure the ‘I know syndrome’:

  1. Challenge yourself each time you say ‘I know”. Question yourself by asking, “Do I really know or am I thinking/perceiving I do?”
  2. If you know something you have done it, or are doing it. If you know exercise is good for you it is because you have exercised before or are actively engaged in an exercise program.  The same is true for healthy eating, abstaining from drugs and other harmful substances and behaviours.
  3. If you catch yourself judging or criticising others ask yourself, ‘Are there areas in my life that I am not happy with?” if you answer yes, it means there is something in your own life you don’t know enough about to create desired results. You are likely to show more compassion and understanding towards others.
  4. Remember, knowledge is only partial power; true power is when you put knowledge into practice- this is when you truly know.

A Life Coach is a great resource to use to help you create a life plan.  A Coach will work with you to provide tangible results and support you in transferring these results in all other aspects of your life.  A coach will support you to be accountable to your self-development goals, as well as stop to celebrate your achievements along the way.  

Live Well…Phyllis

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