Eat More Meals Together with Jennifer Dyck

Often the best memories involve two things: food and people. Food is not just an essential part of our day, but essentially the most important part of any occasion. During this unprecedented pandemic, where we’re all forced apart, Canadians are catapulted into the kitchen while restaurants operate with limited capacity or none at all. Months later, many of us still left confounded when it comes to cooking.

Tapping into that experience, of what Professional Home Economist (PHEc) Jennifer Dyck calls ‘meal prep fatigue’ is something we all face. The cure to this COVID cooking conundrum? Community. Jenn, as a thought leader and agricultural advocate, encourages seeking reputable resources and familiar faces for when inspiration doesn’t strike.

“The annual Eat More Meals Together guide is veggie-centric, approachable, written by professional home economists, chefs, and dietitians to get you inspired to get back in your kitchen, with recipes that have easy substitutions, new takes on basic ingredients and fresh ways to explore the familiar. All while celebrating our Canadian harvest.”- Jennifer Dyck, PHEc.

Reflecting on her own childhood, Jenn is acutely aware of the importance of togetherness and believes that food is the gateway for human connection. A successful family meal for her often includes a veggie-centric philosophy, and Jenn is inclusive when it comes to frozen or canned, which are not only economical but in some cases, fresher too. Thoughtful in her approach for advice for consumers,  Jennifer suggests seeking out fresh finds by reading the labels, asking your grocer, and requesting Canadian produce wherever possible when shopping online. Jennifer’s big takeaway is to just relax around food. “There’s merit and convenience in canned or frozen. Don’t discredit them! They’re already picked, washed, and prepped for you!”

We could all use some help, a lift up and some encouragement, now more than ever. Hit the reset button on food anxiety, meal prep fatigue, and restore your confidence in the kitchen. Help is in your hands, order your copy of Eat More Meals Together, or check out #makeitcanola for inspiration.

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