#FarmToFood: Growing Connections

Farming, it’s in his blood

This month the fifth generation of Ellis arrived on our family farm.  His name is Lincoln and he will grow up helping plant and grow the food we eat.

Giving tours at the Canola Learning Centre in Manitoba has made me realize how fortunate Lincoln is to grow up in the rural.  He will automatically have a personal connection between the farm and his food while still experiencing the city.

You can check out his Dad’s Be Well Story here:

Where are all the animals?

Ellis Farm at Sunset | www.canolaeatwell.com

The kids that visit the Manitoba Canola Learning Centre are (for the most part) from urban/inner city areas, with their only exposure to the farm being what they see in movies or on TV.

I had a kid ask me, “How is this place a farm if there are no animals on it?” He was amazed to find out there are all types of farms including fruit and vegetable, grain, and bee farms.

Let’s explore!

Canola Learning Centre Kids in canola | www.canolaeatwell.comCurious kids that ask questions make me appreciate what the Canola Learning Centre has to offer.  The tour gives children an opportunity to make their own connection between the farm and their food through hands on activities.

They get to pretend to be a farmer for a day while crushing canola to make oil, tasting and grading seed, and exploring the machines used every day on the farm.  They also get to create their own salad dressing with canola oil to see how easy and yummy it can be! At the end of the day the kids realize how involved farming is with their everyday lives.

From the food they eat to the products they use, there was a farmer involved.

Free Field Trips

The Canola Learning Centre gives free tours to school groups and daycares in Manitoba from May until the end of August.  To book a tour or for more information contact [email protected] or visit our Canola Learning Centre website.

Eat Well…Megan Ellis

Megan Ellis Family | www.canolaeatwell.com

Megan is a seed farmer, English student and lover of food.

She is passionate about creating connections between the farm and our everyday lives.

The way to her heart is through bad puns, cute animals and rare steak.

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