#FarmToFood: Learning to Farm

Experts in Their Field

Canola on Simon's Farm | www.canolaeatwell.com

Farming is very diverse. No two farms will ever be the same, and a single farm will change year after year. It is this diversity and constant change that requires farmers to become experts in their field, pun intended.

Careers in Agriculture start with College or University

Canada has many great college and university programs. I chose to attend Assiniboine Community College’s Agri-Business program. This is a two-year program that gave me a great knowledge base to work from. People from all walks of life can receive a post secondary education in Agriculture, and have a job waiting for them when they graduate. It is a great start to learning about farming and agriculture.

Back on the farm, the diploma I had received had given me a great start. I was able to identify a plethora of weeds, insects, and diseases. The challenge is that farming changes so quickly that new weeds, insects, and diseases were at our doorstep in my first year out of school.

Always Learning

This is one of my favorite parts of farming, the constant change and evolution. As a farmer I have many learning opportunities.

  • The Manitoba government has a team of scientists, agronomists, and other professionals who run studies and publish information regularly.
  • Farmer funded groups like the Manitoba Canola Growers Association hold seminars and hands on learning events.
  • Seed companies have field tours, where I learn which new varieties will perform well in my area.

Attending learning events is very important. It helps me to learn about how to protect the environment while keeping my farm sustainable for future generations.

Learn Something New

Learning something new keeps life exciting and provides a mental challenge. I encourage everyone, no matter your occupation, to get out and learn.

Eat Well…Simon Ellis

Farmer Simon Ellis | www.canolaeatwell.comSimon Ellis is a proud farmer, seedgrower and husband. He grows crops in Wawanesa, Manitoba to help feed the world.

Deep farm roots, a passion for fitness, health and getting in the kitchen.

Read more about Simon in Meet Farm Family The Ellises or follow along with him @FarmLifeMB

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