#FarmToFood: Protecting a Growing Crop

Walking with our Food

When walking through our growing crops, you would experience many wonderful things. The smell of fresh air, the sound of leaves being rustled in the wind, and how the soil cushions every step you take.

Pests = Less Food Production

Look closely, and you will see weeds, bugs and even diseases that are trying to ruin the crop we are trying to grow. Weeds alone can reduce the amount of food we produce by thirty percent.

The next time you are in a store imagine if one third of the products weren’t there! The remaining food would cost much more and there would be more people that couldn’t afford to eat.

Crop Protection = More Food Production

This is why we must protect the crop using modern technologies. We use pesticides on our farm to reduce weed populations, prevent insect damage, and protect the plants from disease. With proper use we can grow a larger crop than ever before, feeding more people around the world.

It’s an Exact Dose not a Douse

Every crop requires a special chemical that will not damage it. It is a common misconception that farmers pour chemicals on their crop. This is not the case, these chemicals are expensive and it is not economical for us to use more than needed.

Protecting with Glyphosate | www.canolaeatwell.com


In the picture I’m spraying the crop with 270 grams of glyphosate mixed with 37 liters of water for every acre. Imagine 67 sugar cubes spread across a football field, with the end zones removed.

Applications like this may happen a few times on one crop. In the end the chemical beaks down before harvest so the food is safe for consumption.  This small amount of chemical helps us to protect the crop and ensure we keep as much quality food on your store shelves as possible.

Follow along with this year’s crop using #FarmToFood ask questions and enjoy the journey.

Eat Well…Simon Ellis

Farmer Simon Ellis | www.canolaeatwell.comSimon Ellis is a proud farmer, seedgrower and husband. He grows crops in Wawanesa, Manitoba to help feed the world.

Deep farm roots, a passion for fitness, health and getting in the kitchen.

Read more about Simon in Meet Farm Family The Ellises or follow along with him @FarmLifeMB

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