#FarmToFood: The Crops Are Growing

Bringing the Farm to You!

Our farm memories are fading.  Most of us are two or more generations removed from a family farm.  So how can we stay connected? How can we ask questions and how do we know what questions to ask?

We hope that you’ll join us on our #FarmToFood journey as we share and learn with you about what’s happening on one of the many family farms this growing season.

Farmer Simon will be sharing photos and updates from his farm in Manitoba and we want you to join in the discussion.

Do you have a question about how your food is grown? Have a question for Simon? Leave it in the comment section below.

Just know that today…the crops are growing!

The Crops Are Growing

Prairie Wheat on Simon's Farm | www.canolaeatwell.com

Crops emerging from the ground are a cause for celebration across the prairies. It is a time when the farmers know they have something growing.

This is not a sure thing. In fact it is a small miracle that anything grows at all. This spring Manitoba farmers had many challenges facing them. Cold soils and excess moisture were the two main challenges.

Cold and Wet Can lead to Problems

The cold delayed seeding and had farmers rushing to get their crops in before it was too late.  When planting into cold soil the seeds do not germinate and grow as quickly. This can expose the young plants to insects and disease.

Excess moisture can cause much the same response, possibly even worse. It was a struggle to drive in some fields. Many farmers ended up stuck and having to get a pull from a neighbor. We were very lucky to avoid this situation, although I did have a small moment of panic while seeding my last field.

The Constant Balance of Weather

I find that some people think that rain is a good thing for farmers, but too much will drown the crop and prevent it from growing at all.  We live within a constant balance of too much and too little.

Despite the challenges we face, we do manage to get a crop seeded and growing. Prairie farmers have been doing this for a long time, and have a lot of experience with the diverse growing conditions we see each spring.

Time to Watch it Grow

Once the crop is growing we can relax, catch up with loved ones and share our stories of seeding with friends.

Our farm was very lucky to have a good start to the year. I was excited to see this crop of wheat (pictured above) emerge from the ground and start growing quickly.

I look forward to sharing the farm side of the #FarmToFood conversation.

Eat Well…Simon Ellis

Farmer Simon Ellis | www.canolaeatwell.com

Simon Ellis is a proud farmer, seedgrower and husband. He grows crops in Wawanesa, Manitoba to help feed the world.

Deep farm roots, a passion for fitness, health and getting in the kitchen.

Read more about Simon in Meet Farm Family The Ellises or follow along with him @FarmLifeMB