Fishing for Father’s Day

This year on Sunday June 17, we are going fishing.  Some of you might be running at the Manitoba Marathon (Jennifer Dyck – you go girl!) and others might be at the cabin, the lake or hanging out at home.  We are doing what Mike loves to do.  It’s his day! It’s all about him on Father’s day.  He loves fishing and he loves to share with his family his passion.

The family will head out on the boat and I hope that the fish are biting that day.  Mike is so patience with the kids.  He sets everyone up with their own rods, adds the worms to the hooks and sets their lines.  He does this all with a smile!

We are a catch and release type of family.  Anything that we can catch goes into the live well (technical term) our family word is “aquarium” and at the end of the trip, all the fish go back into the creek.

Instead of having fresh fish for dinner, we will be celebrating Father’s day with a BBQ on our cool charcoal grill.  We will be having slow roasted pork ribs with the Spice-It-Up Paste on them, grilled asparagus and of course for dessert – Claudine’s award winning Ginger Thumbprint Cookies with Dark Chocolate and ice cream.


Happy Father’s day to all you Dads!
Be Well…Ellen