Ginger Pear Hand Pies

Ginger Pear Hand Pies|

Our partners at EatIn EatOut Magazine love to try new recipes. When we suggested working with canola oil in their pastry dough, this is one of the recipes they came up with: Ginger Pear Hand Pies! These cute little individual pies are a sweet treat for your dinner party or Thanksgiving gathering.

You’ll find the recipe below!

Pie Pastry Dough made with canola oil

Canola Oil Pie Pastry Dough RecipeUsing frozen canola oil, in pastry making, results in an extremely tender pastry with slightly grainy texture. The frozen canola oil will mimic a solid fat! How cool is that? However, you will need to prepare your oil in advance. The CANOLA OIL will need 2 hours, to harden, in the freezer.

Try the Canola Oil Pie Pastry Dough Recipe with any sweet or savoury filling!

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