Growing Canola

We Are Canadian Canola Farmers

Growing the best for you

Canadian canola farmers produce nutritious, plentiful and affordable ingredients for your family while respecting the environment and land we live and work on. Hear how we use the best that science and innovation have to offer.

Learn how we protect the environment around us. Farmers often live on or close to their farmland – it’s their home and livelihood. We work hard to protect biodiversity, keep our soil healthy, and minimize the environmental impacts of our farming practices.

Canola pod

Learn how we embrace science and innovation on our farms. Because of science and innovation, we’ve been able to grow more high-quality canola on less land using modern seed technologies.

Learn how we care for our crops. Plants are living, breathing things that require good care to thrive. We take pride in keeping our canola crops healthy by nourishing and protecting them on the farm.

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