Happy Earth Day

Every year on April 22, people are to celebrate the Earth. It’s Earth day. It’s a big day. What do you do for the earth?

Well, this all started with my daughter’s home work assignment. Because it was about our family and what we do for the earth, we chatted around the dining room table. There are the usual items that came up, recycle, use less electricity, take only what you need, use less water, compost. We know these things are good things to do.

We do them at our home and more. We plant trees. I have a flower garden for birds and insects but I really think what sticks to me is what my dad did. He farmed. Every year in the spring, he would be getting the equipment ready for seeding. I feel because he farmed, he was so in-touch with the seasons and what Mother Earth was doing. He took notes on weather, moisture, seeding and harvest dates, when the frost hit that year. He had notes on everything and they were always in his heart side chest pocket. When he left farming, he left his land better than his parents passed it down to him.

Now, farmers still do that today. They continue to track weather, seeding and harvest data and more. They know how critical their management of their resources are to the success of their crops and their business. But a farmers’ purpose remains the same. They work with the land to grow food. Brian Chorney, a farmer, father and agriculture ambassador from East Selkirk shares about sustainability. Check out Jenn’s post Sustainability Top of Mind to watch it.

So when my family discussed the meaning of Earth day at the dining room table that night, it hit me while I was eating. For me, Earth day is a day that we should be all grateful and thankful to farmers. They do what they do best; feed and cloth us every day while being stewards of the land. So on Earth day celebrate, do what you know is right but I encourage everyone when they can to #hugafarmer, it does the Earth good and it makes you feel good too!

Be Well…Ellen

PS If you are looking for a fun Earth Day activity to do with your family check out our post Earth as an Apple.

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