Have an Eat-In Valentine’s Day Family Dinner

Canola Oil Coast to Coast Recipes

Valentine’s Day isn’t only for star-struck lovers. It can also be a fun family event. These are a few ideas to celebrate your family’s love for one another at the dinner table from some Canadians who #cookwithcanola!

Family Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

For a starter:

Red Thai Curry Hummus  with your family’s favourite veggies from Jessica at SmartNutrition.ca

For your main dishes:

Weeknight Spinach and Gnocchi Bake

Spinach & Gnocchi Bake from Lori at EatInEatOut.ca

Tempura Shrimp and veggies from Kristen at my3littlekittens.com


Heart Shaped Pizza

For a fun challenge, try making Heart Shaped Pizzas with our homemade dough and sauce recipes.

For dessert:

Homemade Apple Sauce and Crispy Apple Peel Chips

Homemade Apple Sauce and Crispy Apple Peel Chips from Erin at howtoeat.ca


Strawberry-Banana Bran Muffins

Strawberry Banana Bran Muffins from Rebecca at zenbecca.blogspot.ca

How do I get my recipe featured?

We love finding recipes online using canola oil.  When we find them, we share them.

Are you a Canadian blogger or recipe aficionado and have recipes online using canola oil that you’d like us to share? Tweet them to us @CanolaEatWell or post them to our Facebook page.

You might just find your favourite picks in the next Canola Coast to Coast edition!

Eat well…Ellen

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