Highlights from #CanolaConnect Harvest Camp 2019

For the 8th year in a row, we invited a group of curious Canadians to Western Manitoba to connect with farmers. Educators, food communicators, scientists and chefs were among this year’s group of urban-based campers. Having open dialogue about food and farming is what camp is all about!

Here are a few highlights from camp via our social media feed! Check out #CanolaConnect on Instagram and visit @CanolaEatWell and see our Camp Highlights Instastories!



Marla Reikman - soil science Canola Connect Harvest Camp

Recycling human waste

Farmer Roberta Galbraith - top soil

Farmer Bruce Dalgarno








A big thank you to our farm families for stopping harvest to open your doors and your farm yards. To our campers, thank you for saying “yes” and showing up with open hearts and open minds and taking time out of your regular lives to come out to the farm. We are grateful to our entire #CanolaConnect community for carrying on the farm to food conversations that need to be had.

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