Highlights & Takeaways from our World of BBQ event with Chef Matt Basile

How to host an unforgettable backyard BBQ

What better way to kick off summer than with a BBQ? The backyard of Dine Alone Records in Toronto was the perfect setting for our World of BBQ event with Chef Matt Basile, author of Street Food Diaries. Chef Matt’s grilled goodies took us on a trip around the world and it was out of this world! Luckily, we took home a few fun tips for hosting our own backyard BBQ this summer:

1. Create atmosphere

The atmosphere of a backyard BBQ pretty well creates itself. The smells alone set the tone for the event. However, our friends at Branding & Buzzing like to go all out. Since our event was themed around canola oil, and the gorgeous yellow fields seen across the prairies aren’t a common sight in the GTA, they brought the farm to downtown Toronto.




2. Invite neighbours and friends

BBQs are a casual way to get to meet neighbours. Some of our guests we were meeting for the first time, while others we’ve known for years.


For those we couldn’t invite to join us in person, we invited to join in the #EatWellCanolaOil fun online. Many fantastic grilling tips and inspirations were exchanged in the chat that we wondering who was having more fun, those at the event or those online!


3. Include a fun activity

Backyard games can turn your BBQ into a memorable party. We bet that no one had crushed canola seeds at a party before! While our activity was a little out of the ordinary, the guests loved it and learned a something new at the same time.



4. Use fresh ingredients

Want to knock your guests socks off? Make a fresh salsa or homemade BBQ sauce! Chef Matt made an amazing chimichurri sauce and shared some tips for creating our own. Looking for more homemade BBQ sauce recipes?


5. Savour

Savour it all. Memories are made from taking it all in: the smells, the fun, the tastes.. Savour the moments and, of course, the food.



Have any other backyard BBQ tips to share? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

Check out more great photos from the event: Facebook.com/CanolaEatWell

Eat Well…Jenn

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