Holiday Baking with Canola Oil

5 Helpful Holiday Baking Tips Using Canola Oil:

1. When a recipe calls for sticky ingredients coat your measuring cup with a bit of canola oil first – molasses or honey will slide right out!

2. Canola oil can be used in place of solid fat for most cake and muffin recipes. Other types of recipes would need to be tested.

Canola Oil Conversion Chart |

3. If your recipe requires deep frying – choose canola oil, it can take the heat, it has a neutral flavour and you’ll have crispy, delicious end product you are sure to love.


4. Before melting chocolate, add 1 – 2 tsp of canola oil; this keeps it shiny, smooth and easy to drizzle or dip.


5. If a recipe calls for vegetable oil, use canola oil – it is Canadian AND it provides more of the good fats than any other popular cooking oil.



Eat Well…Jenn

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