Holly Jolly Memories From Us To You!

Sneaky Mommies Holly Jolly Memory

All of the holly jolly memories you’ve shared with us have been so special! It’s true that many memories are made during the holidays in the kitchen and around the table with family and friends.

Here are some memories shared by our #CanolaConnect community:

Dara Gurau, Gurau, RD and co-founder of HowToEat.ca

“Every December as the holidays approach, the smell of oil wafting from the kitchens of so many always brings me back to my Grandmother’s Hanukkah table. And what I wouldn’t give right now to be able to sit down to a platter of her over-processed and slightly burnt latkes.” – Dara

Read Dara’s Holly Jolly Memory post and get the recipe for our take on the standard potato pancake.

Chef Claire Tansey

Claire Tansey Mincement

“When I was growing up, my whole family had to get involved when Mom made the Christmas cakes. Dad cut up the fruit and my brother, sister and I all took turns whipping a dozen egg whites with the manual beater (no electric mixer for us!) It seemed like so much work–and I didn’t even like fruitcake! Now that I’m grown-up, fruitcake is my favourite– it’s the only holiday baked good that I can’t live without. But I get my little son to help turn on the stand mixer for the egg whites!” ~ Claire

Read Claire’s Holly Jolly Memory post and get the recipe for her Chewy Coconut-Lime Blondies and learn how to convert solid fat in your baking recipes to canola oil.

Kirk Muyres, competitive athlete

“I think it’s always been – the family supper tradition – we have 3 family suppers and we get to see all our relatives from all sides of the family and the thing I love about it, is we all come together to enjoy each other’s company and catch up. This has always been the most special moments of my Christmas – because we do not get together as often as we would like, but all the memories and feelings come back each year from the people we love!” ~ Kirk

Erin MacGregor, RD and co-founder of HowToEat.ca

Erin's Holly Jolly Memory

“When I was growing up, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving were the occasions for big family get-togethers, of which none would be complete without pie. Many pies.” ~ Erin

Read more about Erin’s family pie traditions and get the recipe for our favourite canola oil pastry.

Now, let’s hear yours! What’s your holly jolly memory? 


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