How Food Brought Us Together

Sorbet photo – by Kathryne

Last week I had the opportunity to meeting a bunch of great local Winnipeggers that I can now call friends.  Prior to this dinner we mainly only knew each other from various social media outlets (blogs, twitter, facebook, pinterest, radio, TV).  I guess by definition radio and TV are not social media but you know what I mean.

We came together around a table drawn to one another by our love, fascination and passion for food!  Some of us love to bake or cook while others are more interested in tasting, photographing, teaching or writing about all things food.  We are from various backgrounds, of various ages and of various stages in our lives and careers.

The night was a celebration of food from the four corners of the World.  The Canadian Culinary Federation, Winnipeg branch had formed teams and worked on each course to ensure it was a top notch representation of their art.  As supporters of Culinary Team Manitoba, who will be headed to Germany this fall to compete, we were looking forward to see what they had prepared for the main course.

I could go on to share with you about all the courses but a couple of our guests have already done this for me so I will focus on what we do best – sharing about others!

Kathryne – the voice behind the blog Food Musings is a media buyer by day but a foodie and family gal day and night.  K had a beautiful post up the day after the event.  See the 11 courses here at her post – Canadian Culinary Federation President’s Gala Dinner.  K’s  husband D joined her for the evening.  What a great foodie pair!

Elaina – the voice and amazing eye behind the blog Flavour Food and Wine took a great collection of photos from the evening and has them posted on facebook.

We had many other amazing guests including;
Sarah – the voice, eye and passion behind all things in the “204”.  You can check out her blog.
Fiona – our flying high traffic gal who has a passion for baking all things delicious and gorgeous.  Listen to her on CJOB and soon to be on the Global TV morning show.  Find her on facebook by searching Fiona Odlum.
Derek – is on the Global TV morning show.  You can follow Derek on twitter @DerekOnGlobal or better yet tune into Global TV Monday to Friday from 6-9am!
Shelia – the passionate Professional Home Ec teacher from Selkirk who is teaching our youth that the kitchen is a room for preparing healthy meals for the family.  Thanks Shelia for teaching our youth the basics and leaving them with a positive lasting impression of Home Ec!

It truly was amazing how food brought us together and allowed for us to connect on so many levels.  I just know that we will all be together again soon.

Be sure to read more about the amazing Chefs that created some of the food that night in Wendy’s post.

Be Well…Jenn

Chocolate Centre Piece Photo – by Elaina,



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