How to Host the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Party

Grab your friends, a loaf of bread and a spread of assorted cheese, meats and veggies to host a fun and interactive Ultimate Grilled Cheese Party!

Beef Brisket and Gouda Grilled Cheese


10 easy steps to host a fun, interactive grilled cheese party

1. Cheese is the heart of your guests’ creations

Since we’re talking grilled CHEESE, it’s important to include a few different choices. Have some classic selections such as an aged cheddar, but also be sure to venture outside the expected and try something new. Perhaps a soft cheese option such as brie and include a range of mild to bold flavours. If you’re lucky to live near a cheese shop such as The Cheese Boutique in Toronto, all the better!

2. Meats

You already know that bacon makes everything taste better, right? But, have you tried beef brisket on your sandwich? That’s what Chef Afrim Pristine uses for his signature Beef Brisket and Boerenkaas Gouda Grilled Cheese. An assorted tray of meats accomplishes two things at your party: 1) provides guests with a pre-dinner snack 2) adds another option for their sandwich-making pleasure.

3. Don’t forget your veggies!


Veggies don’t belong on a grilled cheese sandwich, you say? We would have to strongly disagree! Greens go amazingly well on a grilled cheese, not to mention, peppers, onions, grilled mushrooms.. you name it! Once everyone has made their sandwiches, leftover greens and veggies can be tossed together in a homemade canola oil dressing and voila, your side salad dish is prepared!

4. Canola oil for brushing and browning

Ever heard of maillard reaction? It’s the reaction between sugars and proteins that occurs upon heating and that produces browning of some foods such as meats and bread (thanks, Have your guests brush their bread with canola oil before grilling to help with the browning effect and it will also give their sandwiches a nice crunch.

5. Some like it saucy

Grilled Cheese Challenge sauces

If we’ve gone too far with adding meats and veggies to your grilled cheese, dare we suggest, sauce on your grilled cheese? Our Ultimate Grilled Cheese includes an Apple Chutney that takes regular old cheddar on bread to the next level! A few mustards, jams and a homemade chutney for your guests to choose from is a nice touch!

6. A great bread to hold it all together

Great Grilled Cheese Challenge

Bread is what gives the sandwich the right “chew”. A fresh French bread, a seedy multigrain or even a country raisin loaf are all excellent selections.

7. Be prepared for some creativity and serious competition.. and sharing!

Grilled Cheese Challenge

Friends quickly become competitors when faced with a challenge such as this one! Cut the sandwiches into threes or fours, if the bread allows so that there’s enough to taste one another’s creations. A prize for the best? That’s up to you!

8. Create your signature side dish

A grilled cheese is only complete with its other half, soup! Make ahead a creamy tomato soup or another favourite recipe to complement the sandwiches. Don’t be surprised to see your guests dipping their sandwiches in the bowls! That’s what it’s for.

9. Learn how to make a great grilled cheese sandwich from Chef Afrim

Need a little inspiration to kick-start the party? Watch the live video from our event where Chef Afrim Pristine, maître fromager (Cheese Master), demonstrated to our group the foundations of making a great sandwich.

10. Eat together and celebrate!

Great Grilled Cheese ChallengeAs we often say, food tastes better with friends! Make this a time to laugh, share and enjoy one another’s company.

Eat well… Ellen!

Adapted from this post, April 2016.

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141 thoughts on “How to Host the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Party

  1. My ultimate grilled cheese is:
    Thick Italian bread
    Cheddar cheese
    Havarti cheese
    Back bacon
    A few dashes of sirachi
    Finely diced onion

  2. 2 slices of white crusty bakery bread (hand-sliced medium-thick)
    2 Tbsp. cream cheese
    1/4 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese
    1 oz. smoked gouda cheese, sliced
    2 or more slices of cooked Canadian bacon
    Canola oil to brush the outside.

  3. I love a grilled cheese made with Colby/Monterey Jack cheese, a slice of fried ham and slices of dill pickle

  4. My Ultimate grilled cheese is diced lobster Mascarpone Cheese arugula and tomatoes , scrumptious 🙂

  5. You inspired me last year. These are now two of my favourites!

    1. Pumpernickel bread, jalapeno cheese, thinly sliced figs, bacon, pickled jalapenos, red onion, with a little Smak Dab Mustard.

    2. Rye bread, old cheddar, sauteed apples & red onions (in a little canola oil & maple syrup) & you guessed it – bacon!

  6. I love rye bread, old white cheddar and Mozzarella for stringiness, and a good layer of Sauerkraut.

  7. I enjoy my grilled cheese pretty plain –cheese and bread, but I also like to dunk it into Salsa!

  8. Mine is simple with a hint of fire and a touch of the orient!
    A good strong Canadian Cheddar
    Crusty Bread with a Spray of Canola Oil for the ultimate Crunch
    A generous spread of Mustard on the Bread before adding the Cheese
    A pinch of ground Cardamom
    A little Chopped Red Pepper makes it pretty and i love pretty food!

  9. I love havarti cheese, sliced smoked turkey, on FRUITS & GRAINS bread
    with cranberries, raisins, blueberries & sunflower. It’s like a holiday grilled cheese sandwich.

  10. My favourite grilled cheese combo is cheddar cheese, onions and chili beans! Love making this sandwich!

  11. Simply love my grilled cheese sandwich loaded with gouda cheese, bacon, lettuce, red onions and tomato = delicious taste

  12. My favorite grilled cheese is made with some sharp cheddar with some havarti with some shredded mozzarella with a side dish of my homemade cheddar cheese brocoli soup so delicious thank you for the chance

  13. I am very simple. I would like to do the grill cheese with Bacon Lettuce and tomatoe with cheese..

  14. My ultimate would be-my homemade ww bread
    Smoked Gouda
    2 slices of bacon
    sliced ripe tomato
    thinly sliced red onion

  15. I would go with a tuna melt grilled cheese with real sliced cheddar cheese, mustard-mayo mix and pickles as a side.

  16. My perfect grilled cheese sandwich:
    Thin multigrian bread (gets crunchy in our panini maker)
    Brie cheese
    Thinly sliced dried figs and fresh pears

    Love the contrasting flavours of this grilled cheese!

  17. I love making grilled cheese burgers – I barbecue hamburger (or veggie burger) patties then layer them between slices of bread with cheddar and Monterrey jack cheeses plus tomato, red onion, and jalapeno (and bacon on the non-veggie ones). Then just grill it like a regular grilled cheese sandwich. They’re so good.

  18. For grilled cheese I like to keep it simple, just cheese and some ketchup is all you need for a great grilled cheese sandwich

  19. My ultimate grilled cheese is made with Brie cheese and bacon, between slices of french bread.

  20. My favourite grilled cheese combo is cheddar cheese, Gouda cheese, Gruyère cheese and aged provolone cheese! It’s quite a bit of different cheeses so I don’t get to have it that often but it is my favourite ever!

  21. My favourite grilled cheese combo is harvarti, thinly sliced tomato, bacon, and spinach (and more harvarti).

  22. My Mom loves to make a tomato and red onion grilled cheese sandwich – to tell you the truth, it’s very delicious !

  23. Any kind of cheese on good rye bread brushed with canola oil . Pull the sandwhich apart after grilling and lay in steamed asparagus spears! Put it back together and yummmmmm. Just a few more weeks til fresh asparagus from our garden……can’t wait

  24. I love making my grilled cheese relatively simple with sunflower flax bread, cheddar cheese & bacon with a side of dill pickles. Thanks so much for this chance to win & good luck everyone!

  25. Love a dense, crusty whole wheat bread
    Dijon mustard
    Gruyère cheese
    Thinly sliced and carmelized pears

  26. Sa-weet: Ciabatta with havarti, berry jam, and spinach

    Savoury: Sourdough with smoked gouda, pear, and bacon


  27. Whole wheat bread
    Cheddar Cheese
    Canola oil in the pan to brown
    Tomato slices
    Bacon (cooked) or Ham
    Paired with Dill pickles

  28. I make my own artisan bread. spread with Guava paste then a sharp cheddar and arugula and coat with mayo on the outside of the bread then fry. YUMMMMM

  29. I love, love brie cheese, sliced pear and a smearing of fig preservesor caramelized onions. All on a rustic, crusty bread.

  30. My ultimate grilled cheese combo is monterey jack cheese, tomato, a few pieces of baby spinach, and a little bit of crumbled feta cheese.

  31. We make the “No Cry Baby Grill Cheese” which we had for the first time at a quaint cafe in Napa California. It is made on a fresh Sourdough (or homemade walnut) bread with a thick slice of Gruyere cheese, one side of the bread has a thin layer of Apricot jam, and the final touch – baby arugula layered in between. Sweet, nutty and savoury! Serve with a bowl of Butternut Squash Soup for the perfect meal!

  32. Thick sliced Challah bread
    Sliced Swiss Cheese on one side of bread
    Sliced Medium Cheddar on other side of bread
    Roasted pecans in small pieces scattered over both cheeses
    And in between the cheeses the following ingredients:
    Smoked 1/2 sweet red pepper (from our smoker)
    Sauteed caramelized sweet onions in canola & blotted
    Sautéed firm fresh thinly sliced firm peach in tsp butter and a little brown sugar
    Thinly sliced Chicago 58 salami lightly sautéed in brushed canola on pan & blotted

    Place all ingredients on sandwich together and fry on a med to low heat til cheese is melted in canola oil and sandwich is toasty golden and crispy!

    Serve with my home made Cauliflower/Basil /Cheddar & Swiss Cheese Cream Soup


    Mozzarella slice
    4 inch diameter slice of Pepperoni
    Tomato Slices
    2 White Sandwich Bread Slices
    Butter outside of sandwich & Grill in fry pan.

  34. Sourdough bread, mozzarella cheese, pulled pork and sliced dill pickles. That’s how you make a grilled cheese sandwich!

  35. The grilled cheese that I like to make (and eat!) is made with bacon, cheddar and tomato.

  36. My favorite grilled cheese is old cheddar cheese
    topped with bacon sliced olives chopped tomatoes
    and onions.

  37. Love my grilled cheese with jalepeno cheese, sliced tandoori chicken, red onion and butter both sides with garlic butter! yum 🙂

  38. thick french bread slices; 1inch;

    grill bacon or sasuage patties;

    butter each side of the french bread with butter;

    have hot iron pan with melted butter spread out in pan

    add first sliced bread; butter side down; add then 4 sliceds of old chedder cheese, add your bacon; precooked, or sausage pattie and then add other slice of bread butter side up…on low heat…let bread get brown and cheese melted//
    flip over the other side again let that side get brown few seconds..take out your grilled sandwhich and top the grilled sandwhich with few pickle slices

  39. I like it pretty simple most of the time … a nice cheddar with bacon — but the bacon has to be crisp! 🙂

  40. I’d go for grilled cheese with lobster for a upscale lunch(glass of white chilled wine)….yum.

  41. I use mayo instead of butter, two slices of thick tuscan bread, 2 slices of Hot habenero cheese and 1 slice of white cheddar cheese and i add bacon and avocado. pure goodness.

  42. My favourite Grilled Cheese Combo is a classic grilled cheese made with cheddar. I sometimes add grilled mushrooms and onions if I feel like having an extra special grilled cheese.

  43. favourite grilled cheese combo:
    rare roast beef with the fat left on
    grilled onions ’til soft and light brown
    grilled scallions
    vine ripened tomatoes from a garden, not a greenhouse
    leafy greens
    melted cheese

  44. Favourite grilled cheese would be rye bread will cheddar, avocado, tomato and Italian seasoning. Always need the tomato soup on the side for dipping too.

  45. I am all about Grilled Cheese we eat them once a week with pea soup. The only thing ever the same is the soup! My grilled cheese is always a piece of artwork! I love adding sundried tomato or bacon and the cheeses are always different! Could be Swiss, Parm Cheddars, Asiago or whatever else is in the fridge! We don’t have a favourite! We do love our Grilled Cheese Nights!!

  46. I love a nice honey ham with a some delicious Extra aged Armstrong Cheddar cheese with a nice honey dijon mustard . Scrumptious !

  47. My favorite grilled cheese is made with the black truffle Bothwell cheese. I add some bacon and some sliced pickles!

  48. My favourite grill cheese sandwich is with Tuscan ham, swiss cheese and pineapple on Italian Loaf!

  49. My favorite grilled cheese combo is black forest ham, turkey and swiss cheese on grilled french bread – yum !

  50. A simple cream cheese with pickled jalapenos is my favourite way to eat a grilled cheese sandwich.

  51. I love a mixture of old cheddar, Gouda and havarti ans some fried ham. My husband makes the best grilled cheese in Canada

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