Lighten up! Don’t take yourself so seriously!

The weather and your mood

As we come out from what seems to me one of the longest winters I have ever experienced in this beautiful province of ours, I have been noticing how people’s mood and overall demeanor tend to fluctuate with the weather. On the days we have the brilliant, awesome sunshine, warm weather and no rain, the people I come across appear to be happier, they say good morning with more meaning ( I take public transportation so I see a lot of people daily!) and are just plain happier!  The opposite is true.

I also work with people on a one-on-one and group basis.   With this group not only do I notice how their moods are impacted by the weather but by the fact that they take themselves so gosh darn seriously!  This is often the first obstacle to their achieving the goals they set for themselves.

How do you feel on cloudy, wet days?

If we can’t learn how to get over ourselves by not allowing our egos to reign supreme over us we will always have cloudy and wet days.  Here are a few examples of what these cloudy and wet days will look like:

  • feeling offended by others
  • feeling misunderstood
  • feeling left out, not a part of the group
  • feeling stalled and stuck, unable to move forward
  • worrying over other people’s opinion of you
  • not achieving desired results

To get over ourselves we will first need to lighten up where we are concerned. We need to stop taking ourselves so seriously! Take our responsibilities seriously not ourselves.

Use the following strategies to lighten up and enjoy life fully:

1. Never give anyone your joy.

When you start experiencing any of the above cloudy and wet days symptoms after dealing with someone, remind yourself you are about to give them your joy.  Keep your joy by lightening up and looking at the situation through different lenses.

2. Know that people’s opinions are just that- opinions.

Opinions are not facts. You will never please all the people all the time. You can always experience joy and peace by learning to laugh at yourself.

3. If you want to be a part of a group ask.

If they say no, thank them and move on. It wasn’t meant to be for you at that time. Laugh it off and move on!

4. Get desired results by starting with the end in mind and working backwards.

You will see more clearly how a  lighter approach to yourself while taking your responsibilities seriously will better prepare you to achieve desired results.

5. Remember to laugh, smile, say thank you, and wish people an awesome day!

You get back more of these into your life.

Here’s to your best life!
Be Well…Phyllis

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