For me, marinades are the quickest way to add a punch of flavour to any type of meat.  I always marinade my meat in a re-sealable bag, in the fridge and toss away all of the extra marinade.

We have created two excellent marinades for you.  Mediterranean – a garlic, oregano, white wine vinegar blend and Herbed Citrus – a garlic, orange, lemon, lime, thyme blend.

What is your favourite marinade?  Did you know that making your own marinades at home provides a lower sodium, fat and sugar version for you?

If you buy your meat in larger, more economical packages that you split up into resealable bags and freeze – try adding a marinade before you freeze.  That way on those busy nights you have a meal ready to cook.

Watch Amanda and Christine, Dieticians with Heart and Stroke Manitoba, as they show you how to turn marinated chicken into tasty scewers for dinner.

Eat Well…Jenn