Mother’s Day Menu

Get in the kitchen and cook for mom

P.S. I Love You Salad | www.canolarecipes.caAt a loss on what to get mom for Mother’s day? Why not make a recipe that she won’t forget.

Here are 3 tasty dishes suitable for the beginner cook to take on.

Just remember to clean up the kitchen and do the dishes!
1. Don’t let the name fool you, Weekend Waffles can be made every day. These light and fluffy waffles are easy for breakfast and perfect for brunch. Top them with a variety of fresh fruits.

2. If you are in charge of lunch, add this delicious salad to the menu. Mom will appreciate a healthy recipe and the name says it all – P.S. I love You Salad.

3. Show off your cooking skills with this award winning chef recipe Chorizo Stuffed Chicken Breast that will make mom go wow! with your culinary skills.

Eat well…Ellen