My Be Well Camp Highlights

Last month I shared with you our adventures at Be Well Camp and More about Be Well Camp.  I’ve had time to reflect upon our adventures and here are my personal highlights.

  1. Blue moon Saskatoon jam and jelly – I think it’s the best jam and jelly that I have had.  Since my time at #bewellcamp, I have enjoyed a small amount of jam on my home-made bread most mornings.  It’s that taste of saskatoons that takes me back to Leslie’s kitchen and the hospitality that we shared around her kitchen table.
    Blue Moon Saskatoon Jam
  2. Meals in the fields – typically farm women bring the meals to the fields, and we got to enjoy a few amazing meals with our farmers on their land.
    Pat and Paul Orsak
  3. Barn in the Bush – Steve and Bonnie Morris has a gem of a location overlooking the Asessippi River and the most amazing renovated barn.
  4. How friendly and gracious each of the farmers were with our guests.  hey stopped harvest, time from their family to showcase their farm and a small piece of life as a farmer in Manitoba.
    Dinner in the field at Dalgarno Family Farm
  5. Riding a combine! I have not been on one in years and the dust, smells and sights.
  6. Farmers are truly friendly, fun and fantastic.
  7. Farming comes with its opportunities and challenges.
    High Bluff Stock Farms
  8. Each farm we visited had the friendliest dog or cow ever!
  9. Crusher the Bison was amazing!
    Silver Creek Bison - Brian Gould Photography
  10. All of our farm families played and worked hard.

I could feel the passion from each of the farmers as they spoke about their business, their industry and what they do every day.  I’m proud to have been able to meet and connect with such wonderful farm families and look forward to my next trip up to Russell.

Be Well…Ellen

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