Fully Loaded Potato Soup

Fully Loaded Potato Soup

All the goodness of a loaded baked potato turned into a hearty and delicious soup. Add as many of the fixings as you please!

6 people
  • Ingredients

    2 Tbsp canola oil (30 mL)

    1 cup diced celery (250 mL)

    1 cup diced carrot (250 mL)

    1 onion, diced (1)

    3 large russet potatoes, peeled and diced (3)

    4 cups low-sodium chicken broth (1 L)

    1/2 tsp garlic powder (2 mL)

    1/2 tsp dried thyme (2 mL)

    1/4 tsp pepper (1 mL)

    1/8 tsp cayenne pepper (.5 mL)

    1/4 cup 2% milk (60 mL)

    Optional Garnishes

    Bacon bits

    Cheddar cheese

    Chopped dill pickles

    Sliced green onions

    Sour cream

  • Directions
    1. In a large, heavy-bottomed pot set over medium heat, add canola oil. Add celery, carrot and onion. Cook the vegetables for about 5 minutes, until soft and translucent. Be careful not to overcook the vegetables to the point where they start to take on colour.
    2. Add potatoes, broth and seasonings. Cover and bring to a simmer for 15 minutes or until potatoes are fork-tender.
    3. Use an immersion blender or potato masher to partially purée the soup. Blend for about 15 seconds leaving bite-sized pieces of vegetables.
    4. Remove from heat. Stir in the milk.
    5. Serve warm with optional garnishes.

    TIP: Potatoes are best stored in a cool, dark location that is well ventilated and dry.

Nutritional Analysis

Serving Size
1/6 of recipe without fixings
Total Fat
5.2 g
Saturated Fat
0.5 g
1 mg
74 mg
25.8 g
3 g
8 g
3.1 g
645 mg