Say No to Say Yes!

Say No To That Which Is Good In Order To Say Yes! To That Which Is Excellent!

With Thanksgiving behind us we know what lies ahead- Christmas! This celebratory time brings many opportunities to indulge in more food and drinks than one truly needs!

How did you manage yourself over Thanksgiving? Were you able to enjoy without over-indulgence?  If you felt you managed yourself well and was able to enjoy without being over-indulgence, then you have a good foundation on which to enter Christmas.

If you felt you did a poor job managing yourself over Thanksgiving your foundation is rather shaky entering into the holidays. You have likely programmed yourself for a challenging festive season- however, all is not lost!

Below are two key coaching strategies to have the best holiday season without the guilt of over-indulgence:

1. Get hungry (pardon the pun) for more success!

Even if you have done poorly over Thanksgiving, the fact you recognize this and are committed to taking actions to remedy this shortfall is reason to want more success.

2. Learn to separate the good from the excellent.

This is a tough challenge for many people, especially if they have the mentality of ‘a bird in hand is worth two in the bush’ or ‘don’t give away sure for unsure’. If you grew up with these kinds of sayings you will believe them!

What they breathe is a mentality of fear.  The fear of the unknown; therefore I must stick with what I know.  This belief also extends to the habit of over-eating and over-indulgence. If you can trust yourself to believe the holidays will come again and you will be around to participate year after year, you will be able to eat for enjoyment, not out of fear.

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Eat well…Phyllis

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