School’s Out Camping is Here!

As a child, I never went camping.  We farmed.  I always wanted to go camping and did not have the opportunity until I met my husband.  He took me camping, canoeing and back backing.

So even though school is out, our family is still “old” school with camping.  We pitch a tent – gasp! Yes, no luxury trailer, camper or hard top unit.  We have a tent with our two kids, the dog and us!.  We go camping rain or shine.

I am pretty passionate about camping and our family time while we are there.  Of course, we have lots of fun with swimming, bike riding and hiking but we also do crafts such as paper mache, clay sculptures and painting.

Somehow, our meals, always taste better when we are camping.  We love making pancakes, pizza, fish cakes and pan fried fish.

One dish that has become a tradition with our family and friends on the week long camping trips is Beignets.  One night out of the week, we have Fry Night.  We do wings, ribs, French fries, maybe fresh pickerel from the lake, (but we can’t count on that) and our little donuts.  Each family brings something to fry up in canola oil.

I make up the dough for the Beignets or the little donuts the day before and leave it to chill in the cooler.  I always have the kids help me form the shapes of the donuts.  We might use cookie cutter, or rip them into pieces or even make letters out of them for each person.

Then Keith fries them up for the group.  As soon as they are done, you can dust them with cinnamon and sugar, sugar or icing sugar and enjoy them hot!  Thanks to Keith and Patty for starting this fun tradition, and for bring the fryer and canola oil!

be well…Ellen