Why set Challenges for Yourself?

This month, Dietitians across Canada are celebrating Nutrition month, a very exciting time for us Dietitians. As well, March 8 was recognized as women’s day internationally.   Why am I sharing this with you? I see a connection between the two events and this month’s topic: Why set challenges for yourself?

Women have always been the gatekeepers of their families’ health.

It is typically women who set the standards for healthy eating, meal times, what is served and how it is served in their families.  I am sure you will agree that these are no simple feats, they are great challenges!

On top of ensuring their families are eating well, it is often women who orchestrate the doctor’s and dentist’s appointments, they are often the ones sitting on their children’s parent advisory committees and volunteering, volunteering, volunteering! Let us not forget the household chores! To top it all off many women work outside the home and are still able to lend a listening ear to a friend, a shoulder to cry on or quick to agree to a spa day or a shopping spree!

Setting and facing challenges

Women challenge themselves everyday and if you are a woman reading this article I am sure you can relate.  It is this very foundation of facing daily challenges that I firmly believe helps to shape the resilience that I see in the many women who are my friends, clients and colleagues. Setting and facing challenges bring meaning and purpose to one’s life, it also adds a sense of well-being.

Stay Calm and Carry on

The fundamental benefit that comes from setting challenges for yourself could be summed up in the famous saying “stay calm and carry on”. I have seen in my practice how having clear challenges help the many women I coach to stay calm and carry on. Women keep carrying on and do so no matter what!

How do you evaluate whether you are challenging yourself?

Use the following to help you decide:

  1. Do you feel bored most of the time or rarely?
  2. Do you look forward to or dread the start of each day?
  3. Do you feel needed, appreciated and valued by your significant others?
  4. At the end of each day do you feel drained with nothing left to give or do you feel tired and satisfied?

Answering these questions will help create awareness of just how much you are challenging yourself. It will help you start taking actions that will create desired results.

Happy women’s day and remember to eat well to live well!

Keep well…Phyllis