Small Changes Big Results

In my world, I’m a strong believer that every little bit helps.  Eventually, all the small bits add up to a big something.  When you are striving to make improvements with your diet, your exercise, your sleep habits, or anything in your life; I think it is important to make any tiny adjustment you can to get you moving in the right direction.

I’m always trying to make positive changes in my life so that I can be the best mom, the best wife, the best employee, the best me that I can be.  Not every change has to be monumental, huge or life-altering.  Sometimes the small changes are all we need to get us on the track to big results.

Let’s take oats.  They are high in soluble fibre which can make them cholesterol lowering and good for your heart if you are eating the right kind in the right amount.  Sound confusing?  Well, it kind of is confusing.  If you want the nitty, gritty on oats check out Mairlyn Smith’s post – Whole Grain Oats.  She tells us like it is about the nutrition of oats and why your body needs them.

I’ve been told that ideally, you would want to eat whole-grain steel cut or whole-grain rolled oats.  The key word being whole-grain.  Read your labels folks!  I was also told that I should cook up big pots of oatmeal on the weekend (when I have extra time) and then heat what I need each morning for breakfast.

Well, that’s great and all but it wasn’t my idea and I really didn’t want to make time for that on the weekend.  So, I went on a hunt for a faster solution.  However, if that method works for you then go for it!

My introduction to oats as a child was quick oats.  You know the mulched up kind that is so processed there is even a bit of oat flour in the bag.  When this style is eaten as a hot cereal it is a gooey, globby mess.  Hence the reason I thought I didn’t like hot oatmeal.

Even with that bad taste in my mouth I still usually kept a box of instant oatmeal packets on hand – you know the kind – the ones with the powdery oats that are full of sugar, very full of sugar.  These are not whole-grain oats.

I wanted a better option in my pantry for me and my family so I went on a hunt.  Then, I found it.  You can buy whole-grain instant oats in both the rolled and steel cut styles.   They are fast, they have no sugar, they are whole-grain and I get to add my own flavourful toppings that suit my taste buds.

This is the solution for me.  I’m sold and now have a healthier option in my pantry.  This small change led me to start using only whole-grain large-flake/old-fashion oats and steel cut oats in my baking.

Large-flake or old-fashioned oats are steamed and rolled.  Now, these are oats!  They are whole-grain and even look like oats just flattened.  Yum!  I use this style in my granola bars and other baking.

Steel cut oats are also whole-grain.  They are whole oats cut up with steel blades.  These are about as unprocessed as you can get.  My good friend Mairlyn Smith has a Triple-Oat Cookie recipe using these bad boys.  Check out the recipe and our brand new video on how to make these bad boys below.

Who knows, maybe someday I’ll be cooking oats on the weekend.

What small change are you going to make in your world?  Where will it take you?  My guess is someplace great!

Eat Well…Jenn