Stuck, Stalled and Stumped!

Being stuck is a state of mind, Taking action is a state of mind!

Have you ever felt stuck? Do you have great intentions but can’t get yourself motivated?   You are not alone! Many of us suffer from what I call the Triple S Syndrome:  Stuck, Stalled and Stumped!

For the most part, why do many of us say yes to requests (business opportunities, social engagements, volunteer commitments,) that don’t fit our overall personal or professional vision?  Take a few moments and reflect on this question by looking at your own daily actions and the results you see.

Overloaded in life

An overloaded life is another reason why we stall and get stuck.  We keep adding but don’t follow basic mathematical principles.   My first time back in graduate school was a great eye opening example of the power of following mathematical principles. You see, either I forgot, or I never learned about the acronym:  BEDMAS ( calculate what’s in the brackets first, then the exponents, then divide, then multiply, then add and subtract last) Learning how to use this principle was a tremendous tool for me to get the mathematical calculations right!  I now use it for my clients as a way to truly manage their lives in order to not get stuck or stalled!  

Add first, then subtract

Do the math, add first then subtract. This strategy is one where many people fall short. The average person believes that in order to achieve their goals they must add more things to an already full and busy life. This way of thinking creates role overload and consequently giving up before achieving their goals. It keeps them stuck!

How do you take action and build momentum?

Use the fishing strategy of Stop, Catch and Release! Learn to catch yourself when you are falling into procrastination or thinking thoughts of not having time to take action and do what matters.   Catch the thought and release it by doing the very opposite of what it’s asking you to do.  When you do this you start the process of laying down new neural pathways for this to become a new habit. After doing this consistently for 3-4 weeks, according to the neurology experts it takes that long to establish new nerves, you will begin to take these actions automatically.

In health and wellness…Phyllis Reid-Jarvis

A Dietitian Life Coach is a great resource to use to help create a self-development plan.  A Coach will work with you to provide tangible results and support you in transferring the results in all other aspects of your life.  A coach will support you to be accountable to your self-development goals, as well as stop to celebrate your achievements along the way.   Contact Phyllis for a complimentary 15-minute coaching session 1-204-942-8179 or

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