Taste Canada Awards

Celebrating Canadian cookbook authors, Canadian ingredients and Canadian farmers!

Canola Eat Well is proud to partner with the Taste Canada Awards for the 2019 Cook The Books culinary competition. Canola oil is a staple ingredient in kitchens across the country and it makes our farmers so proud to see it appear in countless Canadian cookbooks!

Meet Jeannette. She farms with her husband and son near Two Hills, Alberta. Jeannette loves telling her story, connecting with Canadians and so she’s helping us celebrate the farm to food connection at the Taste Canada Awards by presenting the awards to the top student chefs for the Cook the Books competition. You can find Jeannette online sharing stories from her farm @farminginpearls. 

Did you know that there are 43,000 canola farmers in Canada?

Every time you pick up a bottle of canola oil, think of a family that you’re bringing home to your dinner table – a farming family like mine.

– Jeannette Andrashewski


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