Teamwork: Know when you are Trusting vs. Doubting


Life Coach, Phyllis Reid-Jarvis

“It‘s important to recognize doubt as part of being human. Having doubt can sometimes be the first step in creating change”_ International Coach Academy, 2006

In the work environment the issue of trust is very important.  In some professions being able to trust your colleagues could often mean the difference between life and death.  How do you see your co-workers? Do you trust the people with whom you work? Do you doubt their ability to do a good job? Do you think they are incompetent and lazy?
If you respond to these questions with a yes, you are likely in a state of doubt.  Doubt is often brought about by fear and judgment.  If you see your colleagues in a negative light, stop and shine that light on yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you see!

When we learn not to trust ourselves, we often project this distrust onto others.  This is a simple law of nature; we can’t give away what we don’t have.  In the work environment, take a moment and assess your thoughts, feelings and actions towards your co-workers.  If you come up as doubting them, use the following questions to process a plan of action that will take you into a trusting state:

  • Find out what you are in doubt about
  • Get the information you need to move into trust
  • Hold yourself accountable for doing what you say you will

By practicing these self-reflections you will move from a state of doubt into a state of trust; now you can work without fear and in a state of trust as part of the team.A Life Coach is a great resource to use to help you create a life plan.  A Coach will work with you to provide tangible results and support you in transferring these results in all other aspects of your life.  A coach will support you to be accountable to your self-development goals, as well as stop to celebrate your achievements along the way  

Keep Well…Phyllis

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