The Importance of Resistance Training

Have you ever thought about resistance training or lifting weights?  Do you incorporate resistance training into your fitness routine?  Many women focus their time on cardio and forget to leave room for resistance training.  That used to be me!  Now I’ve learned how very important strength is to me, especially as a woman.

The following post is brought to us by guest blogger Kyle Turcotte, Certified Exercise Physiologist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. 

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Should you lift weights?

Have you ever seen people lifting weights and thought, should I be doing that?   The answer is yes, yes, yes!  Lifting weights is one of the most under appreciated and poorly executed areas of fitness.

There are many benefits that come from resistance training.  I say resistance training rather than weight training because you don’t need actual weights, many exercises can be effective moving your own body.  Not sure of that, try doing a push up on your toes!

Here’s a list of some benefits of resistance training:

  • Improved bone density = less risk of osteoporosis later in life
  • Improved strength/endurance = more energy
  • Improved balance = less risk of falling on slippery ice
  • Raises metabolism = helps control body weight
  • Reduces injuries = speaks for itself!

Anyone of those on its own would be great, but you can have them all with a properly designed program.  Designing a resistance training program does not have to be rocket science you can find many good examples in popular magazines or quality websites.

Get Informed

Always be cautious and informed.  If you are unsure about a training program there are many qualified individuals that can help.  The more specific your training goals, the more likely you will need to seek the help of a professional.

Basic intro to resistance training program

Here’s a simple training program you could use to start out if you have never done resistance training before:

Exercise Sets Repetitions Rest between sets
Push-ups on knees 1-2 1-15 1 minute
Sit to stand (on a chair with no hands) 1-2 1-15 1 minute
Door Frame Rows (click here) 1-2 1-15 1 minute
Front Plank (search it on Google Images) 1-2 20second hold 1 minute

Will resistance training make me bulky?

There are misconceptions about every aspect of fitness – aerobic, muscular and flexibility.  One of the most common misconceptions I come across is with women who avoid resistance training for fear of becoming bulky.  Adding muscle -which leads to being bulky – requires a specific type of training.  This type of training can be avoided if any individual – male or female – does not what to add muscle and still get stronger.

As with any physical activity you should always check with your doctor see ensure that you are healthy enough to start a resistance training program.

Guest Blogger - Kyle TurcotteKeep well…Kyle

Kyle is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who works for the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba.  He’s a husband and father of two boys and loves playing volleyball and touch football.  He’s a huge Saints fan.

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