Top Baking Tools for your Home Kitchen

Buckle in for a season of your favourite baking show and no matter how much the ingredients take centre-stage, every chef relies on gadgets to get the job done. Whether you are a seasoned top-notch chef, or an amateur looking to expand your repertoire, you can certainly lighten your load with the right tools. And while baking is a science, there’s magic in the art of creation. Arm yourself like a pro and dazzle even yourself.

Here are our top baking tools for your home kitchen:

Canola Oil Squeeze Bottle

Canola Squeeze Bottle. A fixture on countless countertops, the handiness of this ingenious vessel lies in its simplicity. An obvious choice for keeping close at hand for pan-frying, a canola squeeze bottle is versatile for quickly adding a dash of oil to salad dressings or finishing off a pizza. Other notable uses include precision pancakes, skillfully ‘drawing’ with batter is a snap, as is filling with your favourite spicy aioli for restaurant-style plating. Our Canola Eat Well plastic squeeze bottle is available at our online store, while supplies last!

Scale. Ask any seasoned baker and they will speak this gospel truth: measuring cups can be inaccurate, a scale is a more exact approach to ensuring your recipes are consistent. Baking is a science, after all, keep it consistent and employ a scale for professional results.

big sheet pan

Quality Cookie Sheet. Clunky cheap cookie sheets tend to rust up after a few uses, and with their non-stick properties aging out, it may be time to upgrade to something a little more heavy-duty. Investing in a well-made cookie sheet ensures that your creations are consistently crave-worthy as heavier materials retain and distribute their heat much better. It’s also far safer removing something sturdy from a hot oven, unlike their flimsy counterparts.

Heavy-Duty Mixing Bowl. Mixing bowls may seem like a basic item that everyone has but a true bottom-weighted bowl ensures a no-slip situation for your mixes, a flimsy bowl can send ingredients flying, whereas a sturdy bowl sits in place, allowing you to effortlessly blend with a hand-mixer or crack an egg with confidence. Look for bowls with spout-style mouths for easy pouring.

hand mixer jasmine baker

Mixer/Hand Mixer. Add some muscle to your dough mixes and you’ll never regret the added horsepower that comes from these mighty machines. While stand-mixers will set you back price-wise, they last forever and are worth every penny. The litany of attachments means that one pricey buy is converted to countless other offerings: pasta maker, meat grinder, juicer are all add-ons that make it a multi-purpose workhorse.

Measuring Spoons. While a pinch of this or a dash of that may suffice for some, when it comes to baking measuring spoons are all but a requirement. An extra teaspoon of yeast or soda can leave some loaves unrecognizable and quite possibly inedible too. Level off with a butter knife for complete accuracy.


Whisks. And it’s plural for a reason. Whisks come in several types all serving a variety of noble kitchen tasks. They’re indispensably useful for a myriad of baking duties, each serving a different purpose, so it’s best to have a few on hand. From the delicate French Whisk to the all-purpose Balloon, there’s a whisk waiting in wings when you need it most.

Wooden spoon

Sturdy Wooden Spoon. It’s in every kitchen for a reason, the utilitarian nature of this unsung kitchen hero offers too-many-to-list uses. It’s also brilliant for keeping pots from boiling over, just place the spoon across to prevent messy flare-ups.

Quality linens. Just like your bedroom, your kitchen deserves the very best. A well-made mitt can make all the difference for handling hot pans, and the same can be said for thick absorbent tea-towels for cleaning up messy spills. A safe kitchen is always in style!

Rubber Spatula. The custodian of saucepans, the caretaker of canisters, a rubber spatula is your economical assistant, always ensuring you don’t miss a morsel. The flexible paddle is the best tool for scraping your mixing bowl out or grabbing the last bits of from sticky jars.

What's your must-have kitchen tool

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  1. Jam funnel – use for lots of other needs as well as making jam (ie decanting flour into containers, cereal into storage jars, peas into ziplock bags, gravy into jug, etc).

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