Celebrating Canadian Farmers

Join us as we celebrate Canadian farmers on Canadian Agriculture Day. 

Take a long lens and scan your eyes across the rugged landscape we call home. Canada’s agricultural map is as wide and diverse as the people who are in our farms and fields producing our food. Whether you’re operating a cattle ranch, a grain farmer, or tapping trees for maple syrup, Canadian farmers grow quality ingredients. 

Canadian canola farmers have come together in their latest video called “Growing the Best For You”. While this is a ONE DAY celebration of Canadian agriculture, the celebration does not have to end. Choose Canadian ingredients for your kitchen table EVERY DAY, to celebrate farmers year-round.

Farmers are some of the best stewards of the land.  They pledge their shared responsibility to supply consumers with not just quality canola oil but also to look after the environment. The land they farm is home to wildlife and soil for storing carbon, reducing Canada’s greenhouse gases. Embracing innovation and emerging technologies has allowed this to happen. 

Connecting to farmers, the people who grow our food is what Canola Eat Well does. Canola Farmers know their land grows more than just crops, they are part of a delicate ecosystem that supports everything from the bees that pollinate our flowers to the very air we breathe. 

With a promise to respect the land and everything growing on it, Canola Farmers take pride in each betterment for themselves and for future farmers, and the millions of people they feed now and tomorrow.

Thank you for choosing canola oil for your kitchen.

Canola farmers are committed to growing the best for you!

Canadian Ag Day

Eat Well…Libby Roach


Libby is a food editor at auburnlane.com and photographer based out of Toronto, ON.

Her creative passion lies in weaving stories into photographs and creating images that are engaging.

Libby attended Canola Harvest Camp in 2018 and you will want to follow her on the gram @cookiespi.